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    Specific Convert logo to vector

    Hi guys, I hope this is a quick one. Would someone be able to convert this logo so it can be blown up without losing quality please? It may need to be remade as the quality is a bit ropey, I’m not sure. Many thanks
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    Examples of movement.

    Random question: I can’t for the life of me think what it is I’m actually looking for... maybe someone here will know what I mean. I’m looking for some examples of images where the person (animal, subject) is moving through the picture. Like, there’s lots of frames all captured in one image...
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    Work in Progress Feedback appreciated.

    I think it’s mostly done, but there’s some bits I’m not happy with, and would appreciate seeing what you guys make of it. Thanks in advance :)
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    Specific Font creation.

    Hi there, I wonder if someone is able to create the words “Kuk Sool Goong” in the same font as that pictured? Many thanks :)
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    Specific Blaze font

    Hi there, I wonder if there is anyone able to make the name "Caleb" in the Blaze font? Just the name in black on white is fine, it doesn't need to be on a background or anything, I just need the lettering. Many thanks in advance :)
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    Specific New background.

    I'm so excited I final got to "style" my little girls hair! Anyways... Can anyone make the photo better? Artistic license for a new background, and general lighting fixes would be amazing. Here's the pic... Thanks in advance :)
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    Specific Anyone able to add some whispy bits of hair?

    Hi there :) I've spent ages trying to get this thing right and I just can't get her hair to not look all blocky. Is anyone able to just add a few whispy bits in/do something to it to make it look right?
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    Specific Darken/sharpen lines

    I wonder if anybody would be able to help me tidy up this image? I have zero idea what resolution this is at, so if it sucks I'm sorry. Basically, all the land edges and waves, rivers, cliffs, lakes and canyon are all hand drawn (literally pen and paper), which has resulted in some very...
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    Anybody fix my lil Jedi?

    Hello, I really like this picture I took of Keolet, the pose, the (unintentional) Jedi style clothes, and the fact the multicoloured wand chose that moment to be solid green. In technical terms, it's not so great. The big window behind has messed up the lighting, and if I zoom in the image...
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    Out-of-line buttons (website issue)

    Just a heads up, not sure if the problem is my end. On the menu button, if I try to click on messages or whatever the button underneath it is, it just constantly hits the search button above, as if it registers that whole line down that side of the screen as one long search button. I'm not...
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    (Hopefully) A quick job.

    Hi, I need to add a beard and lengthen hair. Perhaps an odd request (only just joined), but I need someone to take a photo, and lengthen the hair and add a beard. The kicker is, I don't know what I'd like the end result to look like, specifically. Background: the photo is of a 23yo man by the...