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    PS CC 2015 and Windows 10 "I" Colour Selection not working

    Hi All As the title says really I have installed Windows 10 recently and I'm not sure what's happened but the keyboard shortcut "I" Colour Selection has stopped working and the Space key to move around the enlarged image if I choose their icon then all is well it's just the shortcuts, other...
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    Minehead Railway

    Evening sun!
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    First caricature... PS CS6 and Wacom tablet
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    Big Fish!

    Needed a fair bit of work this one...
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    Pretty Girl 2

    did these about a year ago...
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    Pretty Girl

    Subtle refinements need to be looked at side by side really...
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    Somewhere in Essex forget where!
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    I am thinking a little over processed what do you think?
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    Critique always welcome it's how we learn!
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    One I did a while back....

    Did this a while back only copy they had and were happy with the result any critique welcome!