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  1. pslane

    Another question already? About masks

    This is not about layer masks. I call them external masks, but anyway, I once had a good website that explained exactly to apply them and now I can't get that website up. Maybe you can help. I know I have to select all and paste the mask to my image but after that I'm stumped. (layer blend...
  2. pslane

    brush setting

    I often need a brush head with tapered ends in my projects. With CS3, it's usually no problem. But with CC 2015, I am having a hard time with it, even after looking it up at Can someone give me the settings for this? I have a screenshot but it's very poor quality. ~Thanks
  3. pslane

    Illustrator not enough rams?

    I am attaching an error box that says there is not enough ram available. I'm (trying to) do this tutorial, using the 3D tool. What can do about this? Thanks, pslane
  4. pslane

    Illustrator move arrows

    I just cranked up my old copy of Illustrator and started brushing up. When I click the arrow key to move, it moves too far. How can I adjust this? Thanks, pslane
  5. pslane

    Strange problems

    Since yesterday I've been have some strange things going on with PS. The strangest thing of all is that it's happening in both my PS versions (CS3 and PSCC 2015) My layer palette stays a pale grey instead of blue when active. The transform controls stop surrounding the images. I have a...
  6. pslane

    Looking for a Photoshop Calendar Grid

    When using Paint shop Pro, I have an action/script that lets me make calendar grids and adjust them to each month, choose fonts, etc etc... I will attach it and if you have PSP you can see what I mean. Question: Is there any such action/script out there made for Photoshop? Thanks pslane
  7. pslane

    saving a new preset brush

    I can create a new preset brush but how do I convert it to abr and save it to a specific folder? Thanks!
  8. pslane

    Where are my blending tools?

    In PS CC 2015, there are some blending selections missing. What's happened to them? I was going to use the outer glow and there is none. Thank you. pslane
  9. pslane

    color tools

    Quick question: What can be the problem when the color tools don't work? I've already checked to see if it's in a color mode and it set on RGB and 8 bits. I've tried Color Balance and Hue and Saturation with no luck and they are rasterized. Thanks pslane
  10. pslane

    Liquiefy in PS CC 2015

    I hope somebody can tell me why my Liquefy filter doesn't work like it did in my older versions of PS. I used it a lot before but now when I use it I can't see the results as I make them. Is there some setting that I have wrong that causes nothing to happen when I edit my object but when I...
  11. pslane

    Illustrator more trouble rotating

    Well, heck. Seems I always have a problem when rotating an object. This is an object from a tut I am doing. All the parts of the petal are grouped and must be rotated in order to add more petals and make a flower. In the screenshot is the grouped object, then after rotating the objects move out...
  12. pslane

    Illustrator misssing toolbar

    Is there any way to get this tool bar when working with Illustrator paths? This is an old version (CS2) so could it be that this tool bar is not an option? Thanks, pslane
  13. pslane

    missing the "apply" box

    All of a sudden I am missing the "apply" box that needs to be clicked in order to set my editing. I reset my workplace but it's still missing. How can I fix this? Thanks pslane
  14. pslane

    Illustrator need a perspective editing tool

    Good Saturday to you. I am making a ribbon trailing from a bow and the tool I need is a perspective tool to get the top corners to draw inward, leaving the bottom as is. I can't seem to find the tool for that. Can you help? Thanks, pslane
  15. pslane

    plug-in's in Photoshop CC 2015

    Hello, I can't figure out how to add my plug-ins to this new version of Photoshop. I went to Preferences/Plug-ins like I usually do and I see no place to add plug-ins. Can I get some help with this, please? I found the Photoshop CC 2015 file folders and in the plug-in's folder, they are all...
  16. pslane

    Illustrator warp tool size

    How can I adjust the brush size on the warp tool? I love to use it but the only option I have is a huge brush, not good for small areas. Thanks, pslane
  17. pslane

    Illustrator using effects on an object

    Here's a quick one. What do I have to do to an object to be able to add effects such as texture to it? They are grayed out now. Thanks pslane
  18. pslane

    Illustrator Rotating an object

    I notice when I try to rotate an object, this makes it distorted. Any way I can do this without changing the shape? Thanks pslane
  19. pslane

    Illustrator combining several shapes into one shape

    I have an object that is made up of several small shapes. I know how to group it but how do I combine it permanently? It needs resizing and every time I try this, the separate objects go out of line. Thanks. pslane
  20. pslane

    Illustrator new to illustrator- need help

    Hello, I am going to try and learn to use illustrator. I am doing a tut and I'm not familiar with the mesh grid or the pick tool. But.....I did get the color in the Second Step, but it's covering the top instead of the...