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  1. classictractor

    Would appreciate some help please.

    I am tidying up some very mis-aligned old text in JPEG format and have been using the Rectangulat Marquee tool to outline selections and then usually Image>Transform>Distort to straighten things up. Sometimes I just use the Free Transformation option if I just want a simple move of the text...
  2. classictractor

    Warped text.

    I am in the process of copying a sale catalogue for farms of an estate that was held in the U.K. in 1920. Unfortunately I am unable to scan the pages because it was a very large sale with 70+ pages in the catalogue and I wouldn't want to de-staple the catalogue. And so I have photographed each...
  3. classictractor

    Hello to everyone from the U.K.

    Hello all, I have been using PSE for many years and decided to find a Forum that I could be involved with and this one looked the most promising and welcoming.