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  1. Helloitsrachg

    Specific Put soup in empty bowl from a different picture

    Can someone please put the orange soup from the 1st picture into the empty bowl of the 2nd picture? Thank you!!!
  2. Helloitsrachg

    Paid Swap head from one pic to the other - $10

    Hello, Would anyone be willing to please swap my son’s head from one picture (starting with 92ED) to the other (8FC4) and have this completed by some time tomorrow for $10? Would love to have his smiling face in the picture of them laying together where you can see her face. Just learned how...
  3. Helloitsrachg

    Specific Remove kid from pic and replace him from another pic

    Would someone be willing to please remove my son’s bum from the first pic (ending in 09) and replace him from the second pic (ending in EF)? We were trying to get a candid shot of my baby bump and my toddler and there were multiple failures. Thank you!
  4. Helloitsrachg

    Specific Remove person from photos

    Hello, Would anyone be willing to help me by removing the man from these two photos? (high school boyfriend--and I'm bummed the only picture I took in front of the Colosseum was with him, and I'd love to print the one in front of Paris since all of us girls are still friends) These pictures...
  5. Helloitsrachg

    Paid Put everyone in 1 picture - $15

    Hi Photoshop Gurus, My Grandma has been telling me lately how sad she is she will never have a picture of her entire family. It will be her 90th Christmas this year, and I want to fix that. I realize I don’t have the greatest photos, but I wanted to ask if anyone could put everyone in one...
  6. Helloitsrachg

    Please put us together in one photo

    Hi, I would really love if someone could please help me out by putting my friend and I together in the flowers. Would you also make us the same size (since one picture is more zoomed in)? Thank you!