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  1. gohan2091

    Web design to show your work

    Thanks, I see how to edit my signature now :D Inkz, I would love to host most of my work on a website of some sorts but my HTML and PHP knowledge is very basic. Do you know any good free templates and hosting sites where I can show off my work? I want something attractive but simple. I have a...
  2. gohan2091

    Making Someone Look Wet (Did I Pull It Off?)

    About 2 years ago, I attempted to make a model look wet, as if she has been in the rain for a long time. I came up with the below image and would welcome suggestions on how I can improve it.
  3. gohan2091

    Photo Insertion (2 examples)

    I had a go at inserting my brother into various pictures and thought I would show you two examples. I have pixelated my brothers face just in case he doesn't want to be shown. I am wondering what I can do to make this look more realistic?
  4. gohan2091

    Image Restoration (2 examples)

    I still have a way to go to master image restoration but I wanted to show you guys two examples of pictures I have restored last year. I see flaws in them both, but I want to know if others here can see the flaws? Perhaps you can see flaws that I cannot see? Also, is anyone an expert at this and...
  5. gohan2091

    My First Attempt At Colouring

    I made my first attempt at colouring in a black and white image in Photoshop and was wondering if people here can give me opinions? How realistic does it look coloured? Is the skin tone accurate? Can you suggest improvements? Thanks all!
  6. gohan2091

    USA HD Logo - How Would You Create It?

    Below is a logo that I wish to duplicate myself with as much accuracy as possible in Photoshop CS4. How would one replicate this? It's the S that throws me, it's connected to the U and A but inverted.
  7. gohan2091

    Quick Newbie Pen Tool Question (Anchor Placement)

    Below is a shape which I have enlarged by 300%: Although I have a lot of experience in Photoshop, I am posting in the newbie forum because I appreciate this is a newbie question lol. I'm not new to the pen tool, I know how to use it for a lot of shapes but this one troubles me. I wish to draw...
  8. gohan2091

    I don't think the EPS file I just made is Vector

    Hi, I am experienced in Photoshop but not very experienced in vector images. I use Photoshop CS4 and trying to learn logo design. Below is a PSD file of a shape I made using the pen tool (file is virus free) It's suppose to ressemble...