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    Specific Remove 2 Children from Picture

    You're welcome.
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    Specific Remove 2 Children from Picture

    LOL... did this without reading your post.
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    Specific Remove 2 Children from Picture

    The upper bed rail just looked out of place so I left it out. The nightstand desperately needs ‘stuff ‘on it but I got tired
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    Specific Picture for funeral

    I've found with any artwork I do, I can't see flaws until I wait, step back and take a long deep breath. Every time I looked at my latest version, ,I knew it was wrong but needed time to see why. You saw it right off. Independently of you, I came to the conclusion there needed to be some...
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    Specific Picture for funeral

    One last time. I've found this exceptionally challenging.
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    Specific Picture for funeral

    ...still trying.
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    Specific Picture for funeral

    My condolences on the loss of your father. Here is my attempt in color as well as a black & white.
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    Specific Space Jam Logo Edit #15

    This is in PNG format and has a clear background in the file itself. The design is backwards, as in small word first then large word, so it doesn’t lend itself to a faithful facsimile. This project, and others like it, are a challenge for me as I would never normally attempt this is Photoshop...
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    Specific Please remove scaffolding from Flat Iron building

    ...rushed it out the door. Thanks for the sharp eyes. The rest of the anomalies will have to remain:)
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    Specific Space Jam Logo Edit #14

    Not too sure about colors but here is a reasonable facsimile. I have it larger at 720 dpi but to allow attaching here, this is much smaller. This attachment is in PNG format with a transparent background.
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    How to make text background over image like below

    I’m not sure exactly where the stumbling block is but here is how I would approach the problem. Load Image: Open your background image in Photoshop, crop if needed and then go to the ‘Layers Palette’. Duplicate: Duplicate that image onto another layer ( Crtl + J) … OR … right-click on...
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    Specific Tune Squad Edit #61

    Here are my efforts gratis. I assume that there are no copyright issues here. Fun project.