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    Specific Picture for funeral

    With thanks to Argos.
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    Specific Edit a selfie please! 😂

    .... and, maybe a try at the colour cast correction?
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    Specific Editing Dress

    Here's a version ....
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    Specific Trying to uncover the background.

    If it's 'remove the BG', here's one on a transparent BG.
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    Specific Tree removal

    Another version.
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    How to make text background over image like below

    OK. There are many routes to try. The one in my example above was a simple gradient placed on a blank layer below the text. Grain and/or noise can then be added on another new layer overtop so that the opacity and blend mode can be adjusted independently. Check out the many sites where you can...
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    How to make text background over image like below

    Here's the text (white below) in PNG (transparent background) format. Now the file can be placed over the background of choice, colour added, etc. For example .....
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    Specific Remove smudge

    As Dennis1507 nailed it, I thought that I wud go a bunch of steps further for fun.
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    Specific Turn me into my superhero!

    Just for fun I thought that the neutral background didn't do the hero justice. :^)
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    Specific Toronto Raptors help

    Ooops. Forgot to send in PNG format. I think that JeffK has a closer match to the font.
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    Specific Toronto Raptors help

    As close as I can get to the font.
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    Specific Remove hand and person.

    .... and, replaced the blurred right hand.
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    Specific Can someone Remove the beard.

    Bearless .. A few colour adjustments ...