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  1. Burned Ice

    Feedback for medieval game startscreen

    Hey guys I have a school assignment where we have to make a medieval game start screen with a title and three buttons, I was wondering if I could have any feedback things I still have to change: The gold ornament around each button needs to be improved (as in, replacing the image with a shape...
  2. Burned Ice

    This is probably a re-introduction

    Hey guys, I'm Burned Ice and I used to be active on this forum 4 years ago! now thát's a long time ago! It's great to recognise a few familiar names here (dv8_fx, Zeealex, Hoogle,..) I remember when we tried setting up a PS Guru online chat, those were the days :) I learned a great deal about...
  3. Burned Ice

    'Dragon eye' experimental wallpaper (don't expect much)

    I was experimenting with Photoshop and this is the outcome, in the beginning I didn't had an idea, it was just playing with gradient overlay but then I got a cool layer and it turned out to be something like a dragon eye :) If anyone has a great idea for this, I can upload the psd file if you...
  4. Burned Ice

    After Effects Made a youtube intro

    well, I gave my best, everything you see in this video is made from scratch, I made the logo, the "animation" and even the sound file ;) Thanks to my crappy computer the quality isn't as good as it should be what do you think?
  5. Burned Ice

    The first colour picture

    The first colour picture was taken in 1861 by James Clerk Maxwell, he took 3 pictures from this, with 3 different filters and combined them together to achieve a colour picture, I just love this and how he did it :) Aren't we proud on the grandfather of colour photography?? I just wanted to...
  6. Burned Ice

    game (battlefield 3) screenshot enhanced

    before: any idea's on how to improve it? btw, I love this game, anyone else play this? screenshot is from the new battlefield 3 close quarters update/DLC and I messed up with attachements they screwed everything, sorry.
  7. Burned Ice

    Talk about anything!

    And the day is ruined, If you ask me, you can close this thread right away.
  8. Burned Ice

    Retouching before and after

    I did a retouching, tell me what you think? Before: After: With the same saturation: So, tell me what you think and do you have any more tips on this image?
  9. Burned Ice

    falling in lava

    that's me falling in lava, picture is taken on a camp in france, i like the effects very much. some comments?
  10. Burned Ice

    Galaxis - swap

    I had some kind of experiment where i tried to do some hardcore, which was fun but also not very 'hardcore' at last, some of you might not be able to appreciate this kind of music but I had fun making this and i wanted to share this to you guys and get some respond. So I present: pseudo...
  11. Burned Ice

    My little jam session, result? trance

    I did a small jam session on fruity loops, this is what i achieved: pretty cool huh? sorry about the drums, i only have 2 hands
  12. Burned Ice

    photoshop troll website??? from this forum??

    this was verry weird, i got there by and i saw this, inclusif iDad comment!!!!! i was like WOW Photoshop Troll all those pic's are from this forum o.O pretty much lame pics, i'll post the iDad pic here: someone knew that guy? (except iDad) and iDad can you tell me more about...
  13. Burned Ice


    i had a little fun experiment with a nice pic of a forest: Before: after: i think it looks pretty awesome, i tried to keep it simple, what do you guys think?
  14. Burned Ice

    burned ice adobe time

    It's not because i'm back i can go on CS4 whenever i want, i can only go on adobe photoshop on the evening from friday to friday, then i can't for a whole week (starting from... friday ending in friday) and get back at it. so i can almost go on photoshop now (this whole thingy is because my...
  15. Burned Ice

    After Effects my youtube intro vid

    i saw a couple of intro's made by after effects on youtube (most of them from game commentary channels) and i thought: i can do that myself Burned ice proudly presents: youtube intro D.I.Y. result: so what do you think...
  16. Burned Ice

    back from vacation

    hello guys i'm back from vacation (2 weeks) and i just wanted to let you know i'm back
  17. Burned Ice

    going on holiday to france 2 weeks

    hey guys, i wont be online for 2 weeks 'cause i'm going on vacation to the middle of nowhere in france to observe stars (no i can't take a hd camera with me), sadly enough, i haven't been active recently due to the divorcement of my parents (is going on for 2 years now), my mom has got...
  18. Burned Ice

    Youtube channel graphic edit tut?

    i'd like to 'pimp' my youtube page to make it more attractive (like hoogle's :D) can someone post a link to nice tutorials?
  19. Burned Ice

    After Effects adobe premier pro, basics?

    Can someone give me some really basic tutorials for adobe premier pro? i can't find the split tool and others. with kind regards, Burned Ice
  20. Burned Ice

    How to make a flyer?

    Well in a club i am in we need to make flyers for an event happening in september and we don't want to pay for it, so i am the ideal solution for it :) but what program should i use? shall photoshop do it just fine? or is there another cs program that will be better and does someone have...