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  1. peta62

    Question about differences in transfering masks to selection and back

    Hello, I considered posting this in the newbies section, since I am sure it will be trivial for some, so please feel free to move it there if you think it should be there. But please explain me what I try to figure for a long time. I make layer mask which is a bit fuzzy, so it merges...
  2. peta62

    Question about posts requirement

    Hello, I do not want to bother anyone, I just want to ask what is the reason behind that five or six posts limit for some actions a user can do ? Because I still see people register and write five totally useless comments to posts they see first and then post what they intended from the...
  3. peta62

    Memory leak in CS6 ?

    Hello, while checking one problem posted here I loaded six raw photos into HDR in CS6, it consumed over 3GB of memory from 1.5GB to 5GB ( I understand that since I saw memory going up during computing operations ) but did not give it back after I closed the picture and stood with empty...
  4. peta62

    Grid density

    Hello, I know the grid creation by View->Show->Grid, but I cannot find how to change the distance between grid lines. I need it since they are too close, I can hardly see the picture. Can anybody point me where to do it ? Thank you, Peter
  5. peta62

    16 vs. 8 bit problem

    Hello, I use PS CS5 Extended 64bit, but the Bridge is only 32bit, I hope I did not make any installation mistake. When I send raw picture from Bridge to Camera raw it opens with 8 bit colour only, the same way all consecutive pictures unless I change it. If I change one picture in Camera...
  6. peta62

    Scanner parameters

    Hello, I hope this question can go into this thread, feel free to move it into more proper one if not ;-) I have tons of analog pictures and I would like to get them into computer and of course process in Photoshop. I have very bad experience with scanners about ten years ago, mainly...
  7. peta62

    Camera RAW for Canon 5D Mark III ?

    Hello, does anybody have an idea how or where to find about Camera RAW support for Canon 5D Mark III in Photoshop ? I have downloaded the new Camera raw update from Adobe web, but it still does not accept its format. Thank you, Peter