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  1. HuckinFell

    Specific Tune Squad Edit #62

    Did one too...
  2. HuckinFell

    Specific Dog Memorial

    Here's number 2... Similar treatment to the first, with the tongue masked before I tuned down the reds! Borrowed some parts of Bumble's paws from the first image.
  3. HuckinFell

    Specific Dog Memorial

    I personally feel the first image is the stand out winner for immortalising Bumble. Please let me know if you'd like me to have a go at the second and I will. I removed the rogue objects and stole fur edging from other areas to keep a natural edge to her coat. From the viewer's perspective...
  4. HuckinFell

    Specific Miami Heat Style Text

    Doing my usual and trawling the forum for unfulfilled requests - Better late then never, right? :joy: This is the closest match I have for the Miami Heat font. Options below include the usual, blue background and a transparent version.
  5. HuckinFell

    Specific Smooth

    No probs :thumbsup:
  6. HuckinFell

    Specific Smooth

    SVG file attached here, in case that's useful.
  7. HuckinFell

    Specific Good Morning need edit

    Had a play - Not exactly what you asked for (I've tweaked some of the colouring to be more true to Centurion uniform), but you might like it!
  8. HuckinFell

    Specific Switch the vinyl record cover photo

    Can you be clearer as to what the end goal is here? Are you asking us to place your drawing (very good, by the way!) on the record sleeve in the first photo?
  9. HuckinFell

    Humor Biden Candle

    Thanks, dude :) Here's an SVG working of the same image (zipped SVG attached) as a PNG. If you can't open SVGs then let me know and I can provide the PNG in any size you need.
  10. HuckinFell

    Specific Please remove man boobs

    No worries, dude.
  11. HuckinFell

    Humor Biden Candle

    Something like...
  12. HuckinFell

    Specific Face Swap Help

    As @JeffK says: A shift in perspective is very hard to achieve, but forgivable if the goal is a humorous picture which has obviously been manipulated for a joke. On that basis, I've: Taken your friend's face Resized it Desaturated it and altered the brightness/contrast to more closely match...
  13. HuckinFell

    Specific Face change help

    The perspective for your headshot isn't right, but here's you looking like Brian May in a Pampers advert... :joy: