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    Live, tweakable, non-destructive anti-aliasing technique

    Well, hello, fellow shoppers! Welcome from Russia:) I just finished this project where I've run into the problem of applying anti-aliasing to some layer or a set of layers. There was a number of posts on this subject lately so I decided I might show you the technique I came up with in my...
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    Threshold animation

    Hi, guys! It's been a while since I posted in this forum....:) Anyway, there was a question about it in some other forum and I think I can share my solution with you. The task is to animate Threshold. Just for illustration, it lets you do the things like this: and many other applications...
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    Styles effects

    Hi, guys! Here is some POF: proof of concept, as it were, from one of my recent projects. I's not a final result, I can't post it here:cheesygrin:. But it's just some quick way to illustrate the way to use Layer Styles somewhat creatively. Here blood is supposed to be gathering volume and...
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    Anybody know how it's done?

    Hi! Any idea how it can be done?
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    Smart Shape Object

    Really, guys, I don't get it... Just made a custom shape layer, turned it to Smart Object, made a copy of it(as just another instance of Smart Object), transformed it(enlarged) and got blurred results, I mean -MUCH more blurred then if the same shape would be done from scratch with this...