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    Use of 3d

    After reading a post over a 3d model, although this not a model of a house, it is nere the less the use of a 3d model which was then taken in to photoshop after rending the main image and lighting, then put together with other image overlays and pictures to make the overall image, although i...
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    Photo composite/manipulation.

    Not done a composite or manipulation in photoshop for ages, just did this quick with a beach backgound, the model which is a 3d model, photo of the footprints, and mess with the sky a bit. Actually after looking at now, I have gotten way way rusty at doing this stuff.
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    Just cannot believe in the current situation Adobe will not let you cancel your plan if you have been made unemployed, they just want to keep taking your money or you have to pay a cancelation fee, the Unscrupulous money grabbing Ba-----. That's me done with Adobe forever, I went away from...
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    Stay Safe.

    I don't get hear much now a days, just pop in now and then to see how people are doing, but would just like to say to ALL in the current climate, PLEASE KEEP SAFE. Have compassion for those that are vulnerable,and PLEASE take this virus Very Serious indeed. Keep Safe everyone.
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    Book cover design main layout

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    Book Cover

    Book Cover I created, All own work except the face image in the background.
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    Auction site rip offs.

    Again i found another of my works being sold on an auction site, I also found canvas prints of images being sold that are in the public domain that anybody can download and get it printed pretty cheaply, Some people are making a fortune out of ripping people off, The auction site doesn't care...
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    Stolen work.

    Now i cannot mention names, company's or point a finger...however, if you sell any kind of art online, then check the internet. very well known auction sites have members selling art that is possibly stolen, I can only speak from a personal point of view as my work was used on one of these...
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    Don't Know if this qualifies for a collage or not, just thought i would give it a go.
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    Abandon Lab Re Visited .

    A Sci Fi Lab Re Visted Some Years Later and Switch On Again.
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    Photo Manip and digtal paint

    Photos, 3d images and some painting composited together and colour adjustments,
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    Free Matte Painting

    I did this as a free matte painting background for people to use on other sites, did it quick for a freebie, but its OK for someone to use. The real image is double this size.
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    Matte Painting

    Made to post on other sites as a free background / or do what ever you want with it, it was all free public domain images to start with.
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    A Gate Keeper

    Some very small amount of painting as I'm useless at that, and the rest is colour adjustments, some lighting, and some manipulation .
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    Quick beginners tip for the quick mask mode.

    Not a tutorial as such, but just some colour changing using the quick mask mode on some areas of a project i was doing, its not by far a Finnish item , but will give some one an idea on how to change a colour just using the quick mask mode. Once you have your image loaded in to Photoshop...
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    Matte Painting

    I made this Matte Painting so i could give it away for free as a stock background for those on Deviant Art... its here in a full size image Its not Brilliant bar far , but its for free,and i'm sure some one will make use of...
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    Another Queen

    Really must stop calling theses queens. I never put a crown on them.
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    Another Warrior Queen

    Another Warrior Queen I did, bit more painting on this one.
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    Warrior Queen

    Not Done anything for a while in Photoshop. But did this . painting and images for the background, made model in 3d software then re painted over it in some areas.