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    Paid Retouch/photoshop this wedding picture - $40.00

    I'm looking to make this picture look more like the reference picture from years ago. Close my jacket, move my hands down to the waist, fix my pant legs/shoes, make my right leg equal the left, and make everyone generally less ugly, etc. Also if you could fix the damn hoverhands in the reference...
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    Paid Help me make my idea for a ring into a design - $20 paid

    I always had an idea of the ring I'd like to propose to my partner with, based on my tastes and her preferences. I have no artistic inclination, but I know that if I can come up with a clear design to present to a ring maker then maybe this can become a reality. For your help, I would be happy...
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    [$20 Paid Request] Photoshop a puppy into this picture!

    This is for a poster so I'm trying to make it as realistic & high quality as possible. Can you please add a sleeping golden retriever/lab/similar puppy on my back, curled up would be good too if possible. Maybe with a paw on my shoulder or something like that, I'm not really sure what I'm...
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    would it be possible to remove the two girls from this picture?

    And possibly reconstruct the part of my face that's covered? Also is there any way to make the picture square without cutting any of me/my body out? For Instagram purposes Thank you!!