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    How to add depth and brilliant to icon?

    Hi, How can I make icons with more depth and brilliant? I tried to add inner shadow, inner glow and satin but is not the same like this icons Thanks!
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    Remake Appstore icon

    Hi, I'm trying to remake the right Appstore icon, and my icon (the left icon) still looks like beginner how can I improve the icon to looks like the right one? Thanks!
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    How can I make this white "refelctoion"

    Hi, How can I make the white "reflection" like in this icon? Thanks!
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    Chrome/metal text

    Hi, How can I make a text like this? And anyone know font like this? Thanks! Thanks!
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    Pixel art character run

    Hi, I’m working on game and I created a character in pixel art but I don’t know how to draw it to make “run” animation, if someone can help me a bit it will be a great. I’m working with: My character: Thanks!
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    How to draw a pixel like flappy bird

    Hi, How can I draw a charter like flappy bird (pixel art), I need to draw one pixel per time or use a filter? Thanks!
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    How to draw a water glass

    Hi, I'm really bad in pen tool and I need to draw a glass like it, how can I do it? Thanks for help!
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    How to make this logo

    Hi, How can I make this logo? I try to make the lines but It's hard to me.
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    Change perspective of character

    Hi, I created character and I want to change the perspective to right like in photo like this: And this my character: I tried to change to perspective but I'm not succeed How can I do it? Thanks!
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    Fold effect for glyph

    Hi; How can I make fold effect like video glyph in icon? Thanks!
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    Make the new logo of Google

    Hi How can I do the new logo of google I tried to fill the "G" with the new color but the it's look ugly My G: Original G:
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    Make same color

    Hi I try to make same color like the music in icon, how can I do it? Thanks!
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    How to make canvas effect

    Hi How can I do canvas effect like this icons (the icon size is 180x180 pixels) Thanks!
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    How to make soft circles

    Hi How can I do a soft circles like in icon
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    How to make smile mouth

    Hi How can I make a smile mouth in my icon? (like in second photo) Thanks!
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    Phone with pen tool (Photoshop)

    Hi I try to draw Phone (like in iOS 8) but fails. Someone can write a guide step over step how to draw phone like in iOS 8 with pen tool? Thanks!
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    How to create a gear

    Hi First of all thanks for everyone you always help me. How I can create a gear like this?
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    How to stroke circle evenly

    Hi! How I can paint stroke with many colors like in photo
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    How to make reflection

    Hello! How to make "reflection" like in the red circle Thanks!
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    How to make a smooth and soft icons

    Hey! I'm a new in Photoshop and I have a question this my icon: but look (Regardless of the colors) this the "g" look smooth and soft how I do it? Thanks!