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  1. TerryC


    I figured since you were named iDad, then you should get the Honors of us wishing you a HAPPY FATHERS DAY. :bustagut::bustagut::bustagut:
  2. TerryC

    Newbie Question

    Is there a way to delete just a certain color in the image? Say for instance, I want to remove only the white in the Image. (*fffffff) :banghead::banghead::banghead:
  3. TerryC

    Me New Tattoo

    Had to get this to celebrate a milestone in my relationship. My wife and I have been married 20 years. :rocker:
  4. TerryC

    Pop-OUT action

    Here is an action I got from | Photoshop actions & other resources - and my results. Very easy to do.
  5. TerryC

    Some VIP Contests would be cool

    Here's a thought :shocked: You could host some contests, and the prize could be a VIP member ship. I found a site that has some great actions for Photoshop, it's | Photoshop actions & other resources - Check out heir OoB Contest. It is very cleaver, :mrgreen:
  6. TerryC

    I must have an "ORB"session

    I followed a tutorial, this guy is a very good teacher.
  7. TerryC

    Just a Reminder

    Just a reminder that the underdog can and will win on occasion.
  8. TerryC

    How about a..............

    CHALLENGE thread. New comers and regulars can try there luck with a challenge. Example: Make your best Business cards. Could be fun.
  9. TerryC

    I'm too sexy for my...........

    Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to get an arm sleeve tattoo. And I've decided it was time for me to fulfill my wishes. So here is the start to what I hope to be a fun adventure. :cheesygrin:
  10. TerryC

    Post your favorite EMO here.......

    Have you guys ever considered getting some better smileys? One of my all time favorites.
  11. TerryC

    An Electrician I am not

    I have spent all morning cutting a hole in my wall and trying to figure out how to run wire so I can mount a light on the wall. I suppose if the TV were off, I would be closer to being done, but it's my sanity at the moment, so it stays on. :bustagut: This definitely not something I can fix in...
  12. TerryC

    I have available a

    forum that I was trying to get started. My friends seem to have just lost interest. So I'm wondering if there is anyone here who would like to use the forum and try to get something going. It's an IPB forum. Anyone interested post here and I will consider your credentials. :eek:
  13. TerryC

    Maybe he wiuld have better LUCK

    with a different t-shirt design. Like this one: Steve locked the thread before I could post my thoughts. Here is the thread I'm referring to:
  14. TerryC

    I'm in the process of translating

    this tutorial. See image: Can I post it on this site when I'm done? A very special girl from Thailand created it. We lost her to the fever that was going around there a few years ago. I would like to keep her tutorial alive in her honor.
  15. TerryC

    I Couldn't get my computer

    To grab my screen when I had Photoshop up, so I created it myself using CS5. Still needs a bit of work, but it turn out sweet.
  16. TerryC

    I've seen it in a tutorial

    But I can not for the life of me remember where. I'm wondering what brush settings do I use to get the brush to fade into a point? And I believe it faded at the that point too.
  17. TerryC

    Something I made for my signature

    here is a little something I made for my signature. I love interface stuff.
  18. TerryC

    Images in Signature

    I suggest you allow us to post and Image or two in our signature. I was unable to post a small image.
  19. TerryC

    The way other site present themselves.

    I just have to laugh the way other sites present themselves. Some say, "we have the best tutorials on the web", then when you click on the link, yuck, they are tutorials geared at only group of people. I love doing many types of tutorials, and I will attempt anyone that appeals to me no matter...
  20. TerryC

    Photoshop bt TerryC

    Something I'm trying to refine. Basic knowledge used to create with a twist here and there. :eek: