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  1. SeniorS

    Good people, I missed my saying goodbye!

    Hello folks! I promissed to report in few weeks but it's been almost a month now. So i decided to make proper goodbye post. There must been many new members who could wonder "who the f... is SeniorS? And what about he's talking?", so this one goes for ones who knows me a bit. Trying not to...
  2. SeniorS

    I'm alive but not quite back.

    Hello community! If someone wonder why there is no "spam" from me i can share a secret. First, i was (still are) very tired of PSG. That's not PSG foult but only mine. It seems that i just can't find right ballance between me and everything else. So i lead myself to total exhaustion...
  3. SeniorS

    Is there a way to switch off "Thanks" button?

    I'm instresting in that option, is that even posible? And maybe "like" button too. But mostly i search for that "Thanks" option. Didn't find it in settings but maybe i miss something. Why i want to switch it off? Good question :) That's just my personal issue i quess. I feel greedy or...
  4. SeniorS

    Stamp tool: source point without keyboard?

    How to take source point (sample) for stamp tool (etc) without using keyboard but just mouse? Is that even posible? Why i need that? Becouse :) Sometimes it's fun working only by mouse. I didn't googled it yet, maybe someone already knows the answer.
  5. SeniorS

    Multichanell to PDF?

    Hello fellow photoshopists! I've got a problem with 2 chanell Multichanell image which i have somehow get to pdf. Save as gives psd file which can't be placed in Indesign (then to PDF). Print to PDF don't let switch to "No Color Managment" (greyed out). So pdf is anything but not...
  6. SeniorS

    Simple idea, simple wallpaper.

    Didn't achieve best effort. But i like the idea (probably such image is allready made, don't know).
  7. SeniorS

    Create Camera Raw droplet?

    Hello! I'm trying to create droplet to open image in Camera Raw. (I don't want to set preferences to open every file in it automaticly.) Open As works of course but main idea for is to put that droplet in context (or how it correct to write) menu so i can click right mouse button and choose...
  8. SeniorS

    I'm Ace! (or Paul wannabe transformations)

    Yesterday's joke somehow finished (with help and inspiration from friends) to something good enough to show:
  9. SeniorS

    Insomnia or Selfportret Nr.1

    It's late and i'm not going yet to sleep (dumb). So decided to try one joke. Open self picture. Put it zoomed in somewhere where it don't disturb PS tools etc. Make new document. Take brush. Paint (by mouse). And forget about CTRL+Z (okey, i used it about 3-5 times for absolute bad...
  10. SeniorS

    Crazy question - Horw to get count of path anchor points?

    Hello! I've got crazy question. How to get count of path anchor points? I'm pathing right now pearl necklace with very diferent colors and some are almost transparent so i didn't know how to use any masking trick on it. So i'm pathing, pathing and pathing one more time. And after 1+ hour start...
  11. SeniorS

    Hoogleing around :)

    Hoogleing a little today :) "For fun, Hoogle and Illustrator practice" Yes, it's an easiet one from skype's logos. And still somehow i couldn't hit original colors. And not quite satisfied with design itself too but it feels like done.
  12. SeniorS

    Help recognize font.

    Help recognize font [CLOSE] Does someone recognize that font? What The Font didn't help much. It's look kinda Glypha but has more angular (translator) edges. Thanks in advance.
  13. SeniorS

    I quited smoking.

    I quited smoking 5 minutes ago. Making this announcement to make sure i really dit that. Please don't suggest Alan Carr books. If it didn't work i'll read it myself. I'll report how it goes.
  14. SeniorS

    How to Upload and Post Files.

    Often You need or want to add files to your posts. You can do it directly in PhotoShopGurus (no need to upload files to diferent servers). Read to make sure You may upload...
  15. SeniorS

    Mine two old old photos (nostalgia)

    I was searching mine one of the first face swap (about 2000 year) but instead of it found some old photos taken about in 1993-1995 (closest quess i have). And felf need to post it (sorry, could't stop myself). "Angel" Maded in influence after reading some articles about perfomace artists...
  16. SeniorS

    Political "caricature"

    I wanted to make something like Belial's Wierd Production style but when i just started things goes out of control :) and that's the result:
  17. SeniorS

    Hot to achieve this text effect?

    Hello! Got a question how to mess with text to make them look like this (collegue need to make translated book cover): I suggested to use Displace but it's tricky...need to find proper background etc. Maybe there is some PS or Illustrator filter or filter group which applied gives such...
  18. SeniorS

    Flame effect

    Playing with and tutor How to make a sun in Photoshop w/ Commentary - YouTube with little improvisation find out that it can be used to create nice flame effect. Made by one letter per time and big...
  19. SeniorS

    Did you know: Burn Tool + ALT = Lighten Tool

    Of course, 90% of you knows it allready. But if you aren't in that percentage and don't "waste" time reading manuals then you know now. Burn Tool: With pressed ALT key Burn Tool turns into "Lighten" Tool. Options for it are same as Burn Tool, so bigger % in Exposure it will lighten more place...
  20. SeniorS

    Today's work Scan vs PS

    After yesterdays tutor and experiment i get litle bit inspired and warmed up so my PS "chakra" opened today. I'm not proud because it isn't much but very satisfied and want to share my feelings :) Scan vs PS