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    Remove objects

    Hello,can someone remove the keyboard and the monitor from the image? It's supposed to be a part of an image puzzle,but I dont want the keyboard and monitor in it,thanks Here:
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    Remove the kid from the photo

    Hello,I want someone to remove the kid from this photo,please. without making the photo look abnormal. Here it is:
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    Help please

    Hello, I want the white background of this photo to be transparent,but without changing anything in the hair,like not even the ones flying around,can someone do this please? Picture:
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    Problem with hair

    Hello everyone, I've lately been learning photoshop (using a friend of mine as modeling material :cheesygrin: ).anyway I've got this problem with hair,can someone make the background of this photo transparent without changing anything in the hair (not removing the little hairs flying...
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    Hello I'm new here

    I'm studying medicine so I don't really have much free time but I would really like to learn Photoshop and help other members in the future
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    Please make this photo look real

    This is my friend who said he would like to have a photo next to a lion so I tried to make a one for him but that's the best I could do can you plesy make it look real