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  1. mikecox

    Updates; 2 ver; how do I clear one?

    When I get a Ps upgrade prompts Ps appears on the like twice. One for v 20 the other for v 21. I'm confused by this, How can I have 2 ver of Ps? I've looked in Program files 86/Adobe and see no PS files. I've looked in Program files/Adobe. In that folder has Ps 2020 AND Ps 2019. Should I...
  2. mikecox

    Stop test resize when sizing box

    Lately I've been frustrated with what appears to be a new feature in Ps. When I finish creating text and want to change the layout, all text in the box changes as I change its shape. This is new, it's never been a problem before and I can't figure out how to revert it back to "normal" where the...
  3. mikecox

    Distribute images from layers onto a grid of a larger format poster

    I need to get a large number of 3x4 images that are currently in layers, distributed evenly onto a large poster. Lr can load a set of images onto a grid like that but the largest format it 8x10. Is there a way to create a large canvas in Ps, add a grid, then load each image into the center...
  4. mikecox

    Saving all PSD file layers as jpg with layer name

    Is there a way, a built-in function, for example, that would cause each layer in a PSD file to get saved as an individual jpg file, with its layer name as the jpg filename? The only way I can imagine doing it is with an Action.
  5. mikecox

    Adding adj layer to a layer with a fill mask

    I'm trying to colorize my condo building so we tell the painters what to paint and with what colors. I've figured out, with some help from members of this forum, how to set it up but in some cases, the colors are too light or not interesting enough. I'd like to add an adjustment layer to a...
  6. mikecox

    How to combine a color swatch with a mask to change colors?

    About a year ago I figured out a way to combine a mask with a color swatch in order to change the color of a selected area in an image then put the project on hold. Now I can't remember how I did it! The attached image shows my layer with a square to the left of the mask on the right. I can...
  7. mikecox

    Importing/Opening images to the layers panel.

    I want to put one of two attributions on an image, so I put the image in the bottom the layer panel and put two txt layers above, one for each of two photographers. With this arraignment, I can select which name will appear on the image then save it as a jpg. I thought if I saved the file...
  8. mikecox

    psd previews only some

    I have several images saved as psd files that have transparent backgrounds. Most of them display in the preview window of my file manager but one does not, which I find odd. I saved the one that doesn't display the same as I saved the others but it displays as text. I even rebooted my...
  9. mikecox

    Add screenshot to layer

    I had been using the Brush tool but it stopped being active for some reason, while trying to get it active again I pressed a key combination, by mistake, that added a recent screen shot to my layers panel. I have no idea what combination was but I was so excited to see it happen because it...
  10. mikecox

    How do shapes work?

    I've tried to draw several lines on an image. I have been able to draw the lines, which were created as smart objects, but while the line is visible, adding another causes the first one to promptly disappear. Hitting Enter also makes them disappear as well. I thought maybe I needed to...
  11. mikecox

    B&W shortcut toggled by mistake..can't find the shortcut

    This happens so infrequently that I forget how to get back to color! I'm working away and hit a key combo by mistake and suddenly my image goes B&W. History doesn't help and I don't know what key combo I pressed, by accident! :frown: It makes me crazy! Why doesn't History work to get back...
  12. mikecox

    Clicking an eyeball while holding the Alt key does nothing!

    For some reason when I click the eyeball of a layer, while holding the Alt key, nothing happens. That shortcut is supposed to turn all the eyeball off, except the one that is selected but it is no longer doing that. I tried rebooting my computer but that didn't fix it. Is there a setting...
  13. mikecox

    Fix ruddy, spider veined, complextion

    What is the easiest way to address this completion problem?
  14. mikecox

    Image designed to wrap around a cup

    I have been asked to provide images, formatted as jpg or png, that will be applied to cups. I'd like the image to have a drop shadow but with a transparent background can I do that with a png file? I'm also concerned that a flat image would look unnatural stuck on a round surface. How would I...
  15. mikecox

    Perspective warp I get 4 points not 4

    In the online tutorial, there are 4 points to manipulate but when I open the Perspective editor I only get 4. Am I doing something wrong?
  16. mikecox

    Patch isn't opaque

    I can't seem to get an opaque patch. Whatever area I outline with the Patch took the resulting patch is not opaque, it's murky, or muddy usually around the edges. Sometimes, when I select a "Destinations" and drag it, to cover an area I want to patch a light patch turns darker when I place...
  17. mikecox

    New Content Aware not working for me.

    I was cropping a Tiff file. I checked "Content aware" box, as well as the "Delete Cropped Pixels" (I tried with the latter checked and unchecked). When I finished my crop I clicked the checkmark to the right of the toolbar, but the empty space in the sky did not fill in. I ended up using...
  18. mikecox

    Can I export 35 layers as jpgs in one shot

    I have 35 numbered layers, each an individual page for a photo book. I want to export each layer as a jpg image so I can load them into the photo book module in Lr. Is it possible to batch the task? I tried Export, but that didn't seem to be the answer.
  19. mikecox

    Can someone recommend a more efficient workflow?

    I am creating a 30 page book in Ps using a template file I created; basically an image size that represents the page size. Here is my workflow. I select a group of images in Lr, Move them to Ps using "Edit in" drag each image into the template file, one by one. delete the imported images...
  20. mikecox

    How to upgrade RAW plug in

    I just updated PsCC but when I tried to edit a Lr image in Ps I got a warning the the RAW plugin was out of date, with the instruction to go to the Ps Help menu and click update. But Ps has already been updated, I just need to update the RAW plugin. How do I do that?