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  1. Chsavage

    Specific Image for an Article Heading

    I've done some fulfilling of requests, but never actually filling requests, so bare with me. :) . I would design it myself but I do not have Creative Cloud anymore because I do not really have enough time to spend on projects. I am working on my first publication and I need to come up with a...
  2. Chsavage

    First Ever Pen Vector Art.

    That was rough.
  3. Chsavage

    This Idea I had.

    Who knows if it already exists? Well in a way it does. Let's say you have this car, and you want some new shiny wheels and tires, no problem. There are dozens of ways to get exactly what you want sent right to your doorstep, or installed professionally at any number of shops. Now lets say you...
  4. Chsavage

    Ins and Outs of the Pen

    In my journey to improve my photoshop skills (it's been long and tenuous) I've often wondered how I can take my skills to each proceeding level. I think I'm at the point now where I must become familiar with, and attempt to even master, the pen tool. Simple yet vexing all at the same time. I...
  5. Chsavage

    Hello! (again?)

    Hello everyone! Truth be told this isn't a true introduction, I actually joined a few years ago, but life got reaalllllyyy busy between stuff with the military and school and work and getting married. Anyway I'm really hoping to give this whole, get better at photoshop thing an earnest try...
  6. Chsavage

    A color circle

    I have a mind for the tedious. That being said. I would like to create a perfect color wheel, pixel by pixel, in photoshop. My question about this is simple. I've already created my transparent work surface, and already placed a "perfect" Red Green and Blue at the appropriate intervals in the...
  7. Chsavage

    Carbon Fiber Jeep

    Ok so, I used a couple of the different methods for doing things that people taught me and created this. The picture is of my own jeep taken near my city's river just at sunrise. I extracted the subject from the background using the pen tool, taking the pointers people provided. I created that...
  8. Chsavage

    The ideal tool

    I want to work with this image, but I'm having trouble deciding which tool is the best to pull the subject matter from the background so that I can work with it more freely. Typically I use the pen tool. I put down about 756,982,012,117 anchor points and then I can pull the image out. It seems...
  9. Chsavage

    A nice photo.

    Just took this the other day, didn't have my camera on me, but my iPhone didn't let me down (surprisingly).
  10. Chsavage

    Carbon Fiber Texture.

    Lately I've been messing with trying to create a GOOD carbon fiber texture. I've been testing it by adding it to a very notable video game character (Rhymes with Blaster Thief) because his armor is the right texture, and lets be honest how cool would it be to have a carbon fiber A** kicker...
  11. Chsavage

    Hello All!

    I'm Chase, a novice photoshop user. A lot of my experience comes from making adds for the local high school yearbook, although I also dabble in forum signature creation. (Better at the former but not by much). I'm really hoping to improve my photoshop skills by reading tutorials and critiques...