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  1. 28daysbefore

    Specific simple design help

    Hi hope your well if anyone could cut out this joystick so it doesn't have a background (.png file) and turn it black instead of white you would make my life really easy (also make it High definition if possible) thanks will
  2. 28daysbefore

    Specific Mill edit

    HI If anyone could remove the objects (bushes) and the board in the window outlined in red, it would be much appreciated :thumbsup: Thank youuuuu
  3. 28daysbefore

    What is this style?

    Hey PG, I have tried to emulate this style on my pictures for some time now... this guy has edited his pictures to look filmy // vintage but also to look digital... here is an example of his work... You might not know what ""filters"" he's put over his work... but if you do a video or a...
  4. 28daysbefore

    Specific remove sign

    remove sign to the left to the welding hat thanks x (and drill bit if possible)
  5. 28daysbefore

    Specific Turn lights off

    Hey PSG can you make the building look like its got the lights turned off in these pics cheers and a reference image of the church with our lights off thanks
  6. 28daysbefore

    Specific Can someone please remove the blurry person in this this shot

    Can someone please remove the blurry person in this this shot
  7. 28daysbefore

    Specific Remove bins, boxes and the thing on the staircase etc

    Can someone please fix up the window, remove boxes and bins and fix up the secreting board and the red flash on the door cheers :cheesygrin: Things circled i want removing or fixing
  8. 28daysbefore

    Specific Hand removal

    can someone photoshop this hand out of this picture, cheers :)
  9. 28daysbefore

    Filters How does this guy edit his pictures?

    Does he use lightroom or something? here is is feed... and here is an example of one of his pics
  10. 28daysbefore

    Specific Blending pictures

    Can you stick these two pics together... cheers :caterpillar::caterpillar::caterpillar::caterpillar::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::explode::explode::explode::100::100::100::yay::slap::vomit::peach::pogchamp::whale: example of what I want... the pictures
  11. 28daysbefore

    Specific bird object

    can someone remove the bird object thingy Thanks
  12. 28daysbefore

    tips for making logos

    how do you do it were do you start?
  13. 28daysbefore

    Specific light in church

    can someone please - add light beams coming from the windows - remove the glare from the windows -make it look better with a dark filter (your choice, whatever looks good but it has to be dark) - and can you make the image look sharper an example of what i want it the light beams to look...
  14. 28daysbefore

    Soft proofing opinions

    I had the debate with my friend the other day, is soft proofing necessary or is it just a gimmick? Personally I believe it can be useful with certain pictures... :thumbsup: