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  1. SepiaPhotographi

    How to blend fish tail?

    Hi guys... Is there a video tutorial that would help me learn the necessary techniques to blend this person's skin with the fish tail? So that it looks more natural? Or is it more work than it's worth? I started using the eraser, with a light opacity, but it just looks like a faded blend.
  2. SepiaPhotographi

    Sharing PS Pattern

    Download from my google drive here
  3. SepiaPhotographi

    Brushes Question about brush settings

    I have a quick question. If I modify a brush via the brush settings, then export it, will those settings be also saved to the brush? Thanks..
  4. SepiaPhotographi

    First Posting Of Work.

    Hi guys. My experience with photo manipulation was with Corel's Paint Shop Pro x7. This particular image I've shared was my first attempt using Photoshop CC. It was a lot of work for me, but I think I did a pretty good job, considering I was still learning all the tools and what they do. Such a...
  5. SepiaPhotographi

    Interesting Article....

    Wanted to share this interesting article with you guys. I guess this is the best forum to put it in.... "He Who’s Worthy Does Not Advertise"
  6. SepiaPhotographi

    Does Phogoshop Gurus Allow Fan-Art?

    I was wondering if you guys allow Photoshop'd fan art (since it is transformative)? Thanks..
  7. SepiaPhotographi

    More Art/Photoshop Forums?

    I was wondering.... I know this is not my imagination... Why is it so hard to find active Photoshop groups? I've gone on flickr, facebook, yahoo groups, etc. I've found so many groups that have been abandoned for years. Even Deviant art, to some extent doesn't really have an active Photoshop...
  8. SepiaPhotographi

    Hello From New York City!!!

    Hi Photoshop Friends!! I am a photograph enthusiast, and aspiring photographic artist. Took some classes in a few adobe packages, and would like to participate in a web community to help me keep my juices flowing. For whatever reason, it appears to be very difficult to find an active Photoshop...