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    Specific Face change help

    Been a wee while since i have been on with a request. A wind up for a woman friend this time. Can someone with more IT skills than myself, put my face on Jason Momoa for a laugh. Any help is always appreciated guys
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    Specific Cheer the wife up

    Hi Guys Hope you are all safe and C19 Free. My wives friend gave her a framed photo of us both, taken on a night out. Well you know woman, she hates it because of her double chins. If anyone can remove some of them, she will be over the moon, doing it as a wee surprise, in these lockdown...
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    Specific Edit to shut the wife up

    Hi Guys Could anybody do this Karcher steamer box falling out this UPS plane. I ordered it last week for the wife, she is doing my head in ,asking when its arriving in the Country. Any edit as always much appreciated. cheers Brian
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    Specific Favour needed

    Hi Guys Need a favour from one of you good people, i remember you helping me a a few years ago. Can you sit a sheep next to me at my dining room table on the the photo i have attached. its just a little wind up for someone. Many thanks
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    Photoshop request

    Hi Guys. Had every intention of learning how to do this myself, but i am to slow at picking things up. Could someone possibly take me off of this couch and stick me on the Naughty Step a few steps up would be great.
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    Hello guys

    Just joined...Totally clueless about all things Photoshop...but intrested in learning some basics.