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  1. David B.

    Specific Restoration: Photo of my daughter

    Hello :) Restoration of a favourite photograph requested - my daughter and 'Suki' - taken about 25 years ago. I received some great help here last year when I asked for a photograph of my granddad, killed during the fist world war, to be renovated. I was really pleased with the result and so...
  2. David B.

    Do you think this video is real?

    "INSANE"! That was just one of the comments on this new video. Hold on to your hat and enjoy! :eek: D.
  3. David B.

    Specific My Granddad - a First World War posed photo - in need of restoration.

    Hello. :hat-tip: This is my first request here and I very much hope that someone can enhance this image, recently unearthed and given to me by my elderly sister (81). Sadly, I never knew him; he was killed in France at The Battle of the Somme I can...