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    TIF file size extremely large & color change if viewed in Windows Photo Viewer.

    Computer : Desktop, Windows 10 Home 64b. updated to 20H2 Photoshop : Photoshop 2020 Adobe Camera Raw Filter The mess up: Visited with a friend a few days ago. We shared some recent shots and did some editing in Camera Raw in on his PC, Windows 10 Home 64b. I do not remember what I did...
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    Where are the scratch disks & how to empty them, please?

    I wanted to create a blank file in Photoshop cc. A message saying: "Could not complete the command because the scratch disks are full." Where are the scratch disks & how to empty them, please? Thanks. Vicky
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    Clone tool behaves as a brush

    Usually, I use the clone tool to cover up some ugly spots or small areas. I clicked yesterday on many options of this tool, just for curiosity. And now it does not clone anymore. It behaves as a brush. How to correct this mistake I have made, please? Thank you. Vicky
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    Filters How to put down or return Adjustment Brush in Camera Raw Filter?

    Computer : Desktop, Windows 8.1 Home. Camera Raw : Photoshop cc 2019 Camera Raw Filter The problem: I am visiting with my friend. She & I went to the mountains & shot a lot of streams & waterfalls. We want to edit the shots in Camera Raw. And stuck with the Adjustment Brush. Two problems...
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    Need a noise reduction plugin, freeware please.

    Camera : Sony a7mark2, raw files. Images of landscape in low light & long exposure show excessive noise. Need a plugin noise reduction software, freeware, to Photoshop cc 2018. Your recommendations, please? Thank you very much. Vicky
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    Photoshop cc 2018, how to resize toolbars?

    Photoshop cc 2018, how to resize toolbars? I want to narrow the toolbars and reduce the size of the icons therein. How to do this, please? Thanks.