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    Feedback on composite

    I'm working on creating this composite. I edited the scene then tried to use a gradient map to blend the model into it.
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    Residential Shot

    I'm looking for feedback and info on techniques to improve. I did some light color grading and placed a plant to cover existing one.
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    Looking for honest feedback. I'm working on my post editing.
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    I'm looking for an honest critique of my work versus another photographer. I would like feedback on color, composition and edits. Any input is appreciated.
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    Residential Shot

    I've been working on some new techniques and really studying up on a new course with Photoshop and I wanted some feedback on this recent residential shot that I took. I had some issues with walls. I blured to smooth it out.
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    Do I need a new lens and/or full frame

    I've been shooting with a Canon 70D paired with a Tokina 11-16. I've been fighting to solidify a business arrangement working on my skill set. My business partner stated that the question was posed that maybe it's my lens that is holding me back. I shoot events with a Canon 5D Mark IV. I will...
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    Bathroom edit

    After reshooting this bathroom I've edited it to this shot but I'm looking for a technique to tame the light reflections in the shower glass. I would appreciate a link to or info on this edit because dealing with highlights comes up often.
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    New monitor

    I just switched over to a Mac Pro and I'm still getting used to the monitor can someone tell me how the images look do the colors look washed out?
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    I'm shooting an apartment for a real estate broker and realize the tiles and mirror are stained. What techniques would anyone recommend to deal with this?
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    Photo Edit Residential View

    I'm working with a real estate broker and submitted these two versions of a view through the window. I used content aware to hide the highway and stretch the water for composition.
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    Color an

    Wanted some feedback on color and overall photo. Thanks
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    CreativeLive vs LinkedIn learning

    I am a freelance photographer looking to hone my skills in Photoshop and Lightroom. I'm looking for advanced training and also the ability to submit problem photos for critiques and instruction. Thanks for opinions and experience.
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    Online training

    I'm a Freelance Photographer and looking to strengthen my skills. I wanted a thorough online training/mentoring program that I could learn and have personal work evaluated. I mainly shoot Residential and Events.