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    Question: Appearance after Merging group.

    Hey everyone, I'm still busy learning bits & bobs. Haven't been posting a lot recently but I have a question about something that is foxing me. I will use the below Bubble image as an example. If I make an image using (in most cases) multiple layers, but my end goal is to have a single layer...
  2. SPWA

    Searching for a lost Action/Filter

    I used to have an Action/Filter (can't remember which it was) that would turn a photo into what resembled the Matrix style effect. I was playing around as usual, and wanted to try it out on an image. I haven't used it in a long while, but now I don't have any filters or actions that do it. I...
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    I see that digital scrapbooking is quite a popular use of Ps, so I decided to have a go. My wife likes to make actual pages & frame them, not sure what people do with the digi ones, maybe print & frame :) It's still a work in progress, but I have to say, I really enjoyed working on it so far...
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    Football Helmet

    Being a big American Football fan, and with the new season starting next month, I decided I'd have a go at making a Helmet, using purely Ai Vectors & Ps FX. This is what I have so far, and I can easily change the colors of the Bar, and Helmet, and the Logo is a Smart Object. That is where I'm...
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    Question on copying part of a layer fx

    I had a situation earlier where I had about 50 layers, each with there own specific layer fx, but then I wanted to add a color outline to all of them. Now, because the other fx are all different, is there a way I can just copy the stroke to all layers, instead of entering every layer, one by...
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    Round the Block Typeface Brushes

    Well, I straightened a couple of edges, and created Brushes & Shapes from the typeface I made previously. I also made it available for download from DA. Just click here to go to the page. I called it "Round the Block", as it's quite blocky with rounded corners.. (yes I know, I put some rocket...
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    Is nothing safe.

    I have recently done a few things for a client who paid full amount & ontime into my paypal. After 3 works finished, and everyone happy, my paypal became comprimised. The 1st worrying thing is I had no notification emails, so they took control & changed everything without me even knowing about...
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    Wall Lights Style (Still Tweaking)

    I did a Wall Light PS Style (3 Layers) today. Still messing with it, as I'm not completely happy with how it hangs on the wall. I even played with putting neon tubes in it but that didn't work. So, this is how it looks at the moment.
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    Font based on my Logo

    I was looking at the letters I made for my SPWA logo, and wondered how much fun it would be to make the whole alphabet using the same grid spacing as the original 4. I was wrong, it was a bloomin' nightmare... but I finished it all the same. :) If I find someone with a font creation program...
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    Steampunkish Pipes.

    I have always been a fan of the Steampunk style, and a while ago now, I did a Wallpaper which I said I would try to expand on at some point. I finally got round to trying it. This image isn't going on the wallpaper, but the pipe elements will be. I made all the pieces separately so I can make...
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    UI for RPG App.

    I've recently been talking to an App developer here in SA. Although no genre has been decided yet, I have been doing some examples for them. This is part of a Character UI for a grinder RPG.
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    Still here :)

    Hey, just a quick note to say Hi, and I am still around. Haven't posted much, as I've been ill recently, and had more tests than I can care to mention. Hopefully I will get more time to join in the community again soon. I'm missing working on projects :)
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    Background inspiration

    As I am still learning, I like to make things for myself but which could be useful later. I made a Poster type image, but for the life of me, I can't seem get anything to work in the BG. The bag was made in Ai, then exported to Ps to be jazzed up & made into a smart object. The text is just...
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    Repeating Pattern question

    I've made a scale, and I would like to make it into a repeating pattern in PS. Not sure how to go about it though. My brain tells me to place the full scales that will be in the pattern, then chop 1 of them into 4 pieces, and place around the edge to make up the repeating pattern. Like...
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    Playing with Typography design

    Didn't do this for any project or anything, except to just play with designing bespoke text. Always room for improvement, but I'm happy with how it turned out.
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    Illustrator Can't work out the rotation angle

    I have drawn the pattern below in Ai, in hope that it will be a segment of a circular pattern. Now, I need to rotate the pattern, so it fits another 11 times around a circle (like a clock face.) I've tried flipping a copy of it, then rotating both at various distances, and degrees of rotation...
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    Layer Styles (for text)

    I enjoy making layer styles, and experimenting to see what I can come up with. These are my latest 2, & as I make quite a few I thought I should put them all in one thread. Enjoy. Feel free to use for whatever you want, Edit them to your hearts content, as long as they are put to use, :)...
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    Scanlines Texture Overlay

    This is a scanlines texture I made for a previous project. I have turned it into a .pat for easy use. You can take more time over using it, by finding the perfect blending mode for your image, and maybe add a radial transparency mask in the centre, but it's there to be experimented with. I...
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    Customisable button badge.

    7 layer file. I did it this way to give maximum editability on the shading & highlights. The main color has it's own layer so can be changed independently, & the Text/Image layer is a smart object with a slight spherize on it. These are sized down results, but the original file is larger...
  20. SPWA

    Finished Snowglobe

    Finished my Snowglobe :) The background is what it is, I know it's not a perfect setting, but least I can now add any suitable image into the globe, and it's a resource if I need it. The base is my own. drawn using vectors in Ai. The layers were then exported to PS & fx'd. The globe is...