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  1. Alexandria

    Photoshop, Lightroom ... or something else?

    Can someone explain how this image is achieved. They are all the same tone. This is just a small cut-out of a gallery with a few hundred images all in the same colour tone:
  2. Alexandria

    Animated Rain

    I got this "Animated Raining Gif" for PS but I cannot seem to understand it. When i add all layers to a normal image, everything is fine but when I try to use it inbetween layers, it does not work. On top of image = fine 2 layers with person looking out window: I put the layers below window...
  3. Alexandria

    Drop Shadow

    Is there an easier way to get a shadow on the outside of the frame WITHOUT having a shadow on the inside (frame is cutout in center) I just drew this shadow, but is there "better" solution?
  4. Alexandria


    How do I make a mask like this? Is it with brushes of some sort or a technique with "frayed fabric" Help highly appreciated :)
  5. Alexandria

    How to view brushes as images instead of .abr icon?

    Is there a way to view shapes and brushes and stuff as images instead of .abr icon (except ARGUS Preset Viewer)? The Argus preset viewer is an application that works with Windows and allows you to see thumbnails within your system files of what is included in your .abr (brushes), .asl (Styles)...
  6. Alexandria

    Eyes ... and hot to achieve this eye reflection

    I am trying to make eyes from scratch for a game but I cannot figure out what the images that are used for the eye reflection, It looks as if it is someone looking from dark into the light in the image. I have searched high and low. I google for things like "looking out window" etc. but nothing...
  7. Alexandria

    Catch Lights

    Can someone please give me a short tutorial on how this image was set in the eye and then edited to look nice and glossy. Help highly appreciated. A bit new to it all so please bare with me :) I have tried placing images and using blend modes etc. but I just can't come up with this result. This...
  8. Alexandria


    Can anyone tell me how this effect was done: Thanks in advance :wink:
  9. Alexandria

    Achieving this Effect

    Can someone please tell me how this is done. I mean ONLY 1 LINE, not the entire picture. Making a line and then motion blur at the end is clear but how do I achieve the thicker, blur-ier part in the middle? Help greatly appreciated :)
  10. Alexandria

    Hello Everyone

    Been working with PS for quite a while now, but there is always "this and that" still to ask ... so I am hoping to get the answers here and maybe share with others what I already know and where I can help :)