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  1. Liberty1976

    Fake Movie Posters I Made For Another Forum

    I made these a while back to bust chops on a politics forum. I figured I'd post them. I've made many of these but lost most of them when my last hard drive crashed. Not posting to start a political discussion or anything , just some stuff I've done.
  2. Liberty1976

    The Programs I Mainly Use

    As I've stated in my introduction thread , I've learned to do some amazing stuff with software other than photoshop. I mostly use GIMP , Affinity Photo , POLARR and MS Paint. Since I joined this forum , I went to check out Ps and found that it requires a very expensive monthly or yearly...
  3. Liberty1976

    Hi. I have a Story

    I hope I'm not breaking any rules here. The reason I say that is because I've been developing image editing skills with everything but photoshop. In fact , I've never used it. About 3 years ago I was home from work with an injury for about 5 weeks and started playing with gimp and microsoft...