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    Specific Just need the logo from this picture.

    Should be super simple but I just need the logo, not Oklahoma, and not the blue around it. Just the logo so I can send it to a shirt company to get it on something.
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    Paid Need this design in a black and white

    Need this logo in high resolution, black and white. about 1 inch from top to bottom and 1 inch wide. Will pay via Paypal after completion.
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    Paid Headshot

    Please remove the baby from the picture, but don’t make the area blurry! Please and thank you, will pay 5 bucks via PayPal
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    Paid Some help enhancing an image (Will pay 5 bucks on PayPal)

    Could anyone possibly take the discoloration and scar marks off my cheek, and face? And remove the man in the green in the photo.
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    Paid Paid photoshop! Will venmo or paypal 5 bucks! Really simple!

    Fix my grades to the following! A C B B