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    Paid I Need Help Fixing a Few Very Simple Illustrator Images

    Please, I am not a prejudiced person -- but please do not contact me unless you are a native English speaker. I have been dealing with a very nice gentleman from outside the U.S., but the language barrier cannot be overcome and I am very pressed for time. I have several very basic Illustrator...
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    CMYK is HORRIBLE! I need a Pantone color.

    Hello, Everyone. I am beyond frustrated. I'll just say it. Whoever designed and standardized the CMYK color system should be hunted down, shot, and drawn and quartered. It is just horrific. I have a logo that is a bright neon/fluorescent green. It is Pantone color 39ff14. (Please see the color...
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    Paid Why Are My Photos So Enormous on FB and Instagram?

    For the life of me, I don't understand this. I edit a photo in PS, save it as a JPG, then when I post it in Facebook it is the size of Godzilla. So frustrated. Could someone PM me and help me solve this? It's got to be something simple, but this has been frustrating me for months. My name is...
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    Paid I Need a Few Simple PS Images converted to Ai.

    Hello, I use AI for laser cutting. I have a few PS images I need to convert to AI for my cutter. I'm happy to pay a reasonable fee. It's a simple job; I just don't have time to figure it out. You can PM me here, or email direct at scottmemmer @ Thanks Very Much, Scott
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    Masking in Illustrator

    I'm back, at least briefly. A bit of a detour. I am trying to work in Illustrator to create an outline of an object that I can then send to my laser cutter. So my thought (perhaps incorrect) was to remove all the colors inside the object, just leaving the border or outline. I looked at few...
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    Needing Help on Illustrator and Possibly Corel Draw

    Hi, Everyone. I'm a relatively new member and very grateful for this forum. I had a question. I'm a SLOWLY learning how to use PS. I have recently acquired a laser cutter for my business and will begin cutting material this week (we've been jobbing out our work for five years, so this is really...
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    Using Layer Masks

    Here is the main image. Can you see this? Please let me know, yes or no. Here is the Shamrock I want to apply to the red image.
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    How to Change the Size of a PNG Image in PS while retaining Resolution

    Hi, Everyone. I got some great help in a thread recently. I must say, this is one of the friendliest and most welcoming of all the forums I've been on in many years, You folks really roll out the red carpet. I have an image that I want to put in a layer and place on top of another image. To do...
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    Instructions on how to replace a solid color with a pattern

    Hello, Everyone. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this Forum. I haven't been here in a while, but you are always so helpful. Thanks in advance for your expertise and assistance. I am a PS novice but am learning quickly and not afraid of hard work. For this question, it would probably be...
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    Layer Grouping driving me crazy. How Do I Stop It?

    Hi, Everyone. I'm a new PS user but have been learning a lot just by this forum and YT vids, etc. I am trying to take a main image and then apply a second image (a logo) to overlay it. All the sudden about two days ago, every time I open a new layer it says "Group 1," "Group 2," "Group 3," etc...
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    PS Newbie needing tutorial links for small job

    Howdy, All. Thanks for this Forum. I am slooooowly learning how to use PS. I manufacturer a really cool line of high-performance guitar picks. Cosmetics are a large part of our appeal, so I'm crunching down and learning PS to upgrade the images on our site. Below are two photos of picks made...