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    Specific Change main color of a photo

    Hello friends... Can someone help me to change the main color of this from red to black (white stripes must stay in white)..thanks in advance
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    Specific Remove person from a photo

    Can someone edit this for me? I want to remove the little girl from the photo please Thanks in advance
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    Specific Removing phrase from a photo

    Hello guys.. Can some one remove the phrase "a magical night in madrid" and " 01.06.19 Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham" from this image please Thanks in advance
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    Specific Change a color of a shirt

    Can someone help me with cahnging the color of this shirt from (Red\White\yellow) to black/Gold like the 2nd photo below please? Thanks
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    Specific Change Color of a Shirt

    Can anyone please change the color of this Half Zip from Grey color to dark red color as shown below?
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    Specific Change Kit Number

    Can someone help me please I want to Change the number 8 in This kit to Number 7 and change name from KEITA to ABO FERAS using these Images below 8 KETA >>> 7 ABO FERAS THANKS!!!
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    Change color of an image

    Can someone change the color of this logo from black to blue please?
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    Change The color of LOGO

    Hello...... can someone help me please?? I want to change this colored Logo to White/Black logo I want it to be something like this logo Black borders and white background I will be very thankful if someone helps me. Thank You.
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    Change The color of a Logo

    Hello every one.... Can someone help me Please? I wnat to replace the White color in this logo to Black one and the Black Color to White..... but please Use the same White color in this picture (a little bit silver) Thank U.
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    change the main colour of a photo

    Hello.. Can you change the main colour of these 2 Photos from Black to Navy Blue. Adidas Logo, Stripes and Details stay in White. Thank you very much,
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    change the Color of a Logo

    Hello Guys... Can someone help me please? I want to change the Color of this Logo Can some one Replace the Black Color with Yellow Color , and The White Color with Red Color Please?? so I want to change the color of this Logo from Black and White To Yellow and Red Black ==> Yellow White ==>...
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    change the main colour of a jersey

    Hello......... can someone do this for me please?? I want to change the main color of Xavi Jersey (left) from Red to white i also want to change the color of Adidas Logo and Stripes and No.8 and the side long line from gold to red please thank you very much