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    Distorted retro style 3d text

    A style popular in video games of a certain era, how would it be possible to recreate this in photoshop? Preferably without using the 3D tools? Is there a shortcut to getting that kind of depth that changes direction to make the text look like it bends away from you?
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    Retro coloured/photocopied look

    Thanks for your help! I understand the halftoning, but it's more the flatness of the other colours that seems harder to replicate. They seem to be completely flat with all the shading just coming from the black?
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    Retro coloured/photocopied look

    A common look in retro posters etc, almost like it's a posterized filter but more organic, any ways to reproduce this in photoshop? Referring to the treatment of the photograph of the three men
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    Realistic Grain/Airbrush look

    How does one achieve results like the below? Noise/graphic pen/dissolve etc always seem to create far less organic results. Is there some other step or process?