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    Specific Add Christmas tree background please ☺

    The picture of your BF and yourself is out of focus. Do you have another pic or do you really want to use that pic?
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    Specific Apocalyptic

    The first picture is quite clear, whereas the second picture is quite low res and blotchy, so I've done my best to blend the two together. Hopefully this is okay... let me know if you'd like anything adjusted.
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    Specific Remove name

    Name removed. Name, small black triangle in the bottom left hand corner and white line running along the bottom all removed. Slight colour adjustment.
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    Specific Photoshop the stomach armor off the women so their midriffs are exposed like a bikini

    I didn't like the way WW had been composited on the OP's original pic. Tried as I might, I Googled for the same pic of Wonder Woman in her armour as in the OP's pic, or a similar standing posey pic, but just couldn't find one. I went with the original Amazonian pic in the end. So here's my take...
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    Can anyone make a mobile version of this picture?

    You'd like me to copy the "long blue rod on the bottom left" "and paste it over to the left"? I'm sorry, but I don't understand the request.
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    Can anyone make a mobile version of this picture?

    I've shrunken one of the purple rays and one of the blue rays to make them a little more symmetrical...
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    Can anyone make a mobile version of this picture?

    I rotated the image 90' clockwise and rotated the face 90' anti-clockwise...
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    Specific New business logo

    Here's a couple of versions... let me know if you'd like either tweaked in any way...
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    Specific Photo edit for my CV/Resume

    I've shrunken the head, reduced the distortion created by the glasses and adjusted the colours for a better blend.
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    Specific Photo edit for my CV/Resume

    This is a bit of a fishy request. 1. The source picture seems odd, sourced from Daher... surely a more suitable picture was at hand or could have been taken and uploaded...? 2. If job hunting in the OP's country requires a suited picture, shouldn't the OP already have this if they're job...
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    Specific Edit photo to look like the Jordan logo

    Here's my attempt, with the requested white background
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    Specific Rogue Two’s (Star Wars)

    Should the cigarette be horizontal or vertical, or on a diagonal? Should the cigarette be lit or not? Should the cigarette be complete, half burnt, with or without ash or to the butt? Should it stand in stark contrast to the background or blended in?
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    Specific Requesting Color Changes For Motorcycle Project

    This is a tough one, as there's a lot of black on black, so it's hard to tell where one component starts and another one ends. In addition, not being a biker, I've had to Google for what "fairings" are, but asking a colleague, they told me that fairings were actually another part of the bike...
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    Specific Need Help with a Logo

    A couple of questions. What's the ideal size or dimensions of a social media profile pic? What are you trying to convey in the logo/what is subject of your website?
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    How to link a photo

    Thanks for testing. For anyone working with Dropbox, when copying the link e.g.; change the last part from "?dl=0" to "?dl=1". Leaving"?dl=0" on the end or deleting it, no link or picture is displayed.
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    How to link a photo

    Thanks for clarifying that there's no way to display a picture hosted elsewhere, within a post. Someone might want to take a look at a possible issue, when clicking on the Insert Image icon, clicking by URL and pasting a URL, no picture or link is displayed.