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    Some Ideas

    My husband and I run a small landscaping business. Mostly we do a lot of yard work (cut grass and we know how to grow golf course quality grass) for rich people who have second homes here in vacation-land where we live. Or people who live on the bay who want their yards perfectly groomed. We are...
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    PS CS5 New Features

    I found this tutorial and I had to share it cause its a great tut with some nice tips. Learning | Top 5 Photoshop CS5 Features |
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    Computer Help

    Was not really sure where to put this and if anyone has experienced anything like this with their computers. Maybe someone has ideas or has resolved an issue like this by replacing the power supply. I have been experiencing this problem with my computer where it just shuts everything down. ie...
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    Something about me

    I have a bit of news would like to share it. I play this game on line for years and years and this week they finally made me an in game admin. That means I can look at other players accounts and resolve player issues, delete cheaters etc. The game is called Monstersgame. We also have a forum...
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    Line in Gradient

    ok this is driving me wacko cause I cant seem to get rid of it. I have tried starting this project from scratch I have purged photoshop I even rebooted my comp but I have no idea why this is happening? I make a gradient in a selected area on a transparent layer and its fine. I...
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    Carries Corner

    I made another sig to share so thought maybe I should just start an all purpose thread.
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    Pin Up

    I saw the video tutorial for making pin up girls in this thread here: I absolutely love pin ups so I tried to create one myself. It didn't come out as good as the tutorial but I think a...
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    I made a sig....

    I thought this one was worthy of sharing:
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    Greetings from the US Gulf Coast

    Hi for practical purposes my name is Carrie. I live on the US Gulf Coast. I am not new to Photoshop but I really don't have a handle on the programs capabilities at all. I am really hoping I can learn a lot more as to how to use the software and make all the pictures I have taken "perk" Also I...