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    massive thank you to iDad (wrote by my niece)

    hello mr idad i like a lot what you have made from my picture i am very excited to see my brother hapy face when i give him it i am very happy and smiling now xxx (she wanted to type it herself, she's 12 with downs syndrome, all the photos u used she had taken her self so is extra happy...
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    ca someone save me from pulling out my hair :~)

    hey guys so i paid n downloaded some templates thinking they would be easy to use,,, a week later and am ready to pull my hair out,, i either loose pic or i change the colour of everything when i try to use it,, so i was hoping if i post the links to my file what templates in and the photos i...
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    just getting started

    hiya,, am new round here just getting started with photo shop so thougth i would look round for some ideas n help :-) x