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    Photoshop Splash Screens

    Yes, I have known about those as well, interesting indeed.
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    Photoshop Splash Screens

    Some of you may know this, most do not, but with the right tools and know-how you can actually change the splash screen for Photoshop and customize it to your liking. Here's some examples that I made, both college teams:
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    My custom sports game covers

    Just personal projects, some were requested by other users in the gaming community, but mostly just made them at random.
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    My custom sports game covers

    I used to do a lot of custom covers for the popular sports video games, here are some the most recent ones I've done.... (Click pics for full size)
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    how to achieve this sharp effect

    My thoughts as well. There's definitely a lot of controlled lighting with those shots. I would even venture to say that the blue Lexus one kinda looks like it was shot during the day then they dimmed the background to make it appear at night (as well as add glow to the streetlights on the...
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    Colored circle

    Like I said, I took the easy way out, I just removed the text then ran it through Vector Magic so I would have it in vector form and could easily change the colors lol.
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    Colored circle

    I took the easy way out, but it still came out good....
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    Light effects (Link)

    Definitely need to keep the renders and logos scaled (proportionate), good attempt at that tutorial though.
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    before and after (Jill Greenberg effect)

    The original poster's edit is a very good piece on its own, kind of an artist rendering vibe to it, but I wouldnt look at it as an attempt at the Jill Greenberg effect, thats a totally different ballgame that you got to have the right prerequisites for, like others have mentioned. I took a stab...
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    Vintage Actions (Specific Question)

    I know this isnt exactly what you were going for, but it shows that its not that hard to get going in that general direction.....
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    Having huge issues with coloring something

    If your circle is gonna be an exact size (it doesnt have to be), you can use the Ellipse tool to make the circle which makes it a vector object, which all you got to do is double click on the layer thumbnail in the Layers pallete and you can change the color simple as that.
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    Purple basketball jersey ideas?

    Still doesnt explain anything. Is he just saying he wants ideas for different stripes, collars, colors, etc. to put on a uniform? I mean he could just go look at pictures of basketball teams for that. I mean I work with sports graphics everyday so I would be more than glad to point him in the...
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    Purple basketball jersey ideas?

    What exactly are you trying to do/achieve with this? Your post is very vague, kinda hard to understand what your asking/requesting.
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    How do i cut out objects from images properly?

    Thanks, glad I could help out.
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    How do i cut out objects from images properly?

    Pen tool is definitely your best option, like so...
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    Removing confluent background? or making a mask?

    Well here's mine. If you wanted the psd or at least the png's of the cut out I can send/post them as well.
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    Extensive Photo Restoration

    Wow, that is insane, huge props to you!
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    Photoshop request (colour change)

    Here's my try at it.....
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    How to get this effect?

    Here's my take on it.....