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    Correct ATN location?

    Hello I recently downloaded 3 plug-ins and have placed them in this folder: C | Program Files (86) | Adobe | Photoshop CS | Plug-ins. They are the only ATN files in that folder. Also in that folder, are other folders: Adobe ImageReady Only; Adobe Photoshop Only; Digimarc; Displacement Maps...
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    Soft focus on non-portrait shot

    Hello I have this photo of a couple of children sitting on the bank of a canal close to where I live. I have reduced it to 20% of its original size for this forum. I would like to do two things with it: keep everything in focus apart from applying a slightly soft focus to the children. I...
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    Text outline

    Hello I have the following image to illustrate a party held at an English country pub called The Sparrowhawk: I need to include the date, and so now I have this: The text is pixellated - as I expected - but as I do not have access to a vector programme, I probably have to make do with...
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    Normal or widescreen?

    Hello Is it possible to tell if a digital camera has its settings at normal as opposed to widescreen? I have downloaded two sets of images from two different cameras. One set of photos downloads at a resolution of 96 pixels/inch, 3254px wide x 2448px high; the other set of photos has a 72...
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    Name of font?

    Can I ask, please, what this font is? I have asked on a specialist font forum but got no replies. Many thanks
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    Adding attractive variability to text characters (was: Sizing for a new image

    Hello I was hoping to use the image below as the basis for a similar framed print of my own. Mine would be 20" x 9.6" (260 resolution) and would have a real normal frame (even if I make it physically rustic), otherwise the main image would have two frames which just wouldn't work. Would...
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    Resizing an image

    Hello I am trying to get this illustration to fit a 6 inch wide by 4 inch high (300 resolution) frame, but the illustration is square. When I try to resize it, it looks tiny. I did ask here on the Photoshop Newbies board something very similar a couple of weeks ago - again with an Alice theme...
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    Thank you

    Hello This is the small 1300px x 700px image I started off with. After some work in Photoshop (very early version) to get the desired effect (black and white apart from her red lips with a weak Palette Knife filter applied), this is the near 7000px x 4300px framed print of Marilyn that I...
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    Convert text colour

    HelloI have black text on a transparent background and would like to convert it to white text on the same background.How would I do that, please?Bluie
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    Sizing an image for printing

    Hello I am to get a one-off photo printed commercially to fit a 20" x 30" frame, so if I allow for a 1" white border all round - between the photo paper and the frame - that would mean a total image size of 18" x 28". From what I have read, print resolution should be about 350 px/inch. Yet...
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    Moving an 'object' in an image?

    Hello I am considering using CSS to overlay an image with some short but large text to the right of the crow in this image, but first I would need to move the crow to the left (about 2-3" from the left of the image). Would I achieve that using cropping? Thanks.
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    'Not Responding'

    Hello I am experiencing a problem loading Photoshop. When it is loading up it goes through 'reading presets', etc and then 'Reading Text Global Resources...Done' and then stops. I then get the Windows blue circle going round and round as if it is still trying to open Photoshop but that never...
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    White to transparent background

    Hello What is the best way, please, of changing the white background to transparent in this image (one which Google offers free to Webmasters) without it affecting the white in the 'g+'. Many thanks. Bluie
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    Positioning images with padding

    Hello I have a blank image 960px wide x 290px high. Inside that blank image, I need to position four smaller images, horizontally aligned, as follows: Extreme left image = 238px wide with right-padding only Second left image = 239px wide with right and left padding of 1px Second right image...
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    Images and text question

    Hello I use the Jenna Sue font on a Website: but as most people don't have that font installed in their Windows folder and therefore can't see it (most browsers will default to displaying Times Roman), I thought it best to use a gif image instead. This is 60pt Smooth Jenna Sue on a...
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    Best way to create a logo

    Hello What would be the best way, please of developing something like this - with or without the flower - into a logo? The image des not need to be realistic but I would want to avoid a 'cartoon' effect. The final image will be small, about 250 wide and 130 high and is for a charity Web site...
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    Resizing to A3?

    Hello I have this lovely jpg photo (attached) and wish to print it off A3 size (well, to fit in an A3 frame), without it losing the quality associated with its current 496px width/454px height properties. I will probaby type a few words on the image in a Pooh font. What's the best way of...
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    Make image part transparent?

    Hello I have a PNG image (please see attached) and need to made the middle colour (in between the dark green to the left and the whitish colour to the right) transparent. I have tried duplicating the layer and then using the background eraser too but that didn't work. Any advice would be...
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    Recolouring an image

    Hello I have an image (brown wood) with some texture in it and need to recolour it. If I simply choose the paint bucket it does recolour it, but it also loses the texture (I would upload it but almost always have a problem uploading images here). How would I recolour the image please while...
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    Comments and criticism welcome, please

    Hello I wondered if anyone would care to pass any comments on these two endeavours? One of them will form the basis of the 'banner' on a (demo) Chinese restaurant Web page - with many thanks to ibclare for providing the basis of the idea of the panda/logo. These are my first attempts, and it...