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    My first Art Exhibit

    Celebrating women aging out loud! How appropriate, and my paintings are displayed at art exhibit in San Francisco Pier 39 home for Menopause the Musical. To view higher resolution and more paintings please go to
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    What was the #1 song in the U.S.A. the day you were born?

    Would you like to know? If so check this out: Nice!
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    I need help: What is the best, easy and safe way to transfer website from Frontpage to Dreamweaver? Thanks!
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    For blues lovers ... CD you will not take out from the tray for days..

    His name is Nuno Mindelis from Brasil > new CD " Twelve Hours" is one of those "must have" and to here clips at: ENJOY!
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    This Magical Time of Year...

    Happy Holidays to PSG crew
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    Some good music ..

    Don't miss this one... Ana Popovic Ana Popovic YUGOSLAVIA BLUES-ROCKER ( how proud I am, she is from my backhome city): Quote: Rolling Stone, nr. 2 , Februar 2001. " Very agressive and melodic style, with no prejudice, unusual in a lady's guitar." by Sergio Almeida...
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    Poster for frogumentary " JUMP"

    I did a fun work recently: designed movie poster and DVD cover for frogumentary film by Justin Bookey: It is rated FN Substantial FROG NUDITY.
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    May be you would like to know this..

    "Ever wish you had a quick reference sheet for all those fonts you feel you simply have to have in your system? If you have any version of Microsoft Word 6.0 or later you're in luck. Just choose Tools > Macro > Visual Basic Editor and insert the following script: Sub ListFonts() 'Speeds macro...
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    Fun project from missunderstanding!

    Here is nice story: My friend asked me to design old book for him. Sure I can, so I said yes. In the conversation about details he said: " The book needs to be really big." Me: " How big and what file format?" He: What do you mean by file? I need book to be open on the table.. In that moment I...
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    I had an honor to create poster for Mark Nicosia aka Shakerleg. Those who live in New York, should not miss to visit Subway and this unique performer. :righton: %}
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    This is so special to me : Flyer for Monte Montgomery performing at Adobe Verde ;) To read more about this fantastic guitar plyer : On the page bottom you can find Monte Montgomery Video Clips Enjoy!
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    My dogs L and P have bebies!

    Last night was long night - I am on cloud 9 now! L&P get 5 puppy's and they are all good. Two of them ale black like Ludwig, 2 are hot chocolate brown like Princes and one is silver-light brown color. Princess is great mom she did great job all by herself. I am very proud of her! They have 3...
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    This is so sweet...Shelby Lynne

    Inspirational .. yes it can be than that way ... Watch the making of Suit Yourself::
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    Extraordinary art work

    He is the only one in the world that can do something like this: Enjoy!
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    Book Covers

    Books with the my cover designs are out: Fatal Memories Be a Survivor and testimonials from focus group:
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    Movie Poster

    This is my first Movie Poster for Damian Chapa (known from the movie" Blood in Blood out"). One Sheet Presentation Package. [/url]
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    Happy Holidays

    Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday Season.
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    Transparent I -frame ( MAC/IE)

    I have a page with I-frame with filter- alpha. In PC it looks good but on MAC platform it shows only white box. Please can you test this page: for me in MAC / Internet Explorer. Thanks in advance. 8))
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    For Erik

    Erik, check this tread for making the gradient from the image plugin .. fantastic (I already test it) it is one that you where looking for... Sweeeet! ;)
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    86 links for PS brushes

    Here is a list of 86 links for brushes:;action=list Enjoy!