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    How do I create this black and white effect?

    That building naturally has a skeleton look. It is built like a building inside of a building. The picture accentuates the unique nature of the building by letting you see more of the inside structure. I made a quick attempt at it. To create this, I used "Detail Extractor" and adjusted the...
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    Please remove stray hair

    Yes, I see what you mean. While editing, I did feel that I kept editing more and more to make up for the last edit that I did. Your picture illustrates that I touched too much when I should have started out with a more precise edit. The "touch-up" below (unfortunately done with paint to a...
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    Please remove stray hair

    MrToM How did you remove the hair on the eye? The iris in my picture doesn't look anywhere as smooth and glossy as yours. Is there some other trick other than healing or clone stamp?
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    Please remove stray hair

    I am too slow.
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    please remove the girls in the water

    The photo you provided has a pretty low resolution. Regardless, I did as you asked.
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    MrToM is not amused.

    While I am not 100% certain, you should be able to swap the drive board if you really think that is the problem. There isn't any permanent on the board, such as specifying the drive letter. The drive letter is a function of the operating system (Windows). You can change the drive letter using...
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    Surreal Effect Question

    gedstar Sorry. I wasn't promoting using a crack. I just googled and it pointed to that page. I didn't even read the page. I just saw that the picture shown of the man with the car looked to me what the OP wanted. I also didn't know LucisArt went out of business. Hawkes So, I went back to...
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    Surreal Effect Question

    Have you looked at the LucisArt plugin? It turns up contrast, sharpness, and exposure in a unique way to create an artificial HDR effect. Here are some reviews and examples:
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    Can you repair this photo for a funeral?

    Here is what I was rapidly able to accomplish. I'm not very satisfied with it, but it is all that I have time for now in case no one else returns to this in time.
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    Can you repair this photo for a funeral?

    I'm very sorry for your loss. It is has been a number of years since my grandparents passed, and I still miss them time to time.
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    Tips for Creating PNG with White object on White Background

    Does it have to be this shirt? There are free t-shirts images that you can put the design on using a blending of "Darken".
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    How to get this photoshop image on a transparent background?

    Did you still want the black in the smoke, or should it be transparent too? If it is the latter, is this what you want? I did this by turning off the red and blue color layer. This made white smoke over a black background. I stamped visible, and then used that as a mask to the red & blue...
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    After Effects Getting this effect?!

    The link just leads to a Youtube channel. This is a frame of the video titled CERAMIC PRO WITH WORLD'S LARGEST LAMBORGHINI DEALERSHIP at 2:59 into the video.
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    Can someone do a double exposure effect for these pics?

    I suspect this one is just for me as I am moving farther away from the calm ethereal look of the examples.
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    Can someone do a double exposure effect for these pics?

    I am now realizing this doesn't exactly match the examples. Here is my attempt anyway.
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    Help with professional looking pictures

    While there are many more experienced people here to guide you, I'll give you the pointers that I've learned. 1) Do not delete or erase the background. Use a mask instead. 2) As was mentioned by Argos, the pen tool is better for this situation since you can create a selection with straight...