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    I think that looking for metal tutorials won't result in this look because the substrate is not metal. It's plastic. A matte plastic with metalic flakes in the paint. So you'd want to look for plastic effect tuts. And probably soften the highlights to simulate the soft, diffused look that...
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    How far back will CS allow you to upgrade?

    From what Adobe's website is saying, this is a version 7.0 upgrade. You could call Adobe and see if they (still) have special older version upgrade rates. As of a year ago they did for 5.5 users... this may well have changed with some of the new policies they are implementing to thwart...
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    Standard pixel dimensions for a cd case cover?

    That is interesting. I guess I can see why you design in CMYK but it seems limiting to me. I have not designed anything that is going to press print in CMYK. Not even our catalogue for where I work. All photos/designs are done in RGB then converted to CMYK for press. I don't think the...
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    Standard pixel dimensions for a cd case cover?

    There really isn't any reason to design them in CMYK unless you are taking them to press... RGB is actually better since it has a larger color gamut.... that is unless I misunderstood the cmyk reference. -Floydski
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    GOOD Printing BLACKS

    We have this printer at work and use it for proofing our catalogue images. We have had the same trouble with the overall magenta tint. In the short term just simply reduced the magental output from the color menu. Usually dropping it anywhere from 3-4. Also the black that comes with...
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    what font?

    You may also try (from their site it reminds me of either "CrackBabies Font" or "Hideous:. Also, has a font finder. Where you can upload an image of a few letters and it will search its database for similar fonts. -Floydski
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    How to retouch this photo too sharp?

    You aren't going to get major improvement out of this small, artifacted(from jpg compression) image. Alot of detail is gone... With that said. My suggestions: Go into the channels and use the smart blur filter on the worst causes of the artifacts. Most likely the blue channel...
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    Type Over Image

    Ah watermarking... right? ;) Doesn't 5.5 come with the option? -Floyd
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    Getting blue out of car reflections

    Hi Naru, Yeah it would be nice to see an example. But one method I use on occasion which works well (depending, of course). Is use the Image/Adjustment/Replace Color tool. There you can use the eye dropper on your photo to pick up the color range you wish to alter/change or delete. And...