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    why is the logo quality so low when i put it on a website?

    Any solution? On photoshop it has a really good quality, i saved it as jpg max resolution but when i put it on the website it gets so ugly. Width: 3000 ; Height: 1000 ; Resolution : 3000 Pixels ; RGB Color ; 8 bit ; Pixel aspect ratio : square pixels
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    Newbie in brand marketing

    Hi everyone, I created my brand a while ago doing different designs concepts on different type od clothes, the thing is that right now i dont know how to produce them as i only know how to design for the moment. Any idea on where i can purchase empty clothes to put my logos and design on? The...
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    how to animate?

    hi, i would like to know how i could make the waves and the egyptian hyeroglyphics move (the waves will move in the right side and the hyeroglyphics at the left side) and i would like it to be an infinite loop If you could link me a video tutorial (it can be an after effects or sony vegas...
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    problem with the quality of the text

    Hi, so in this video,if you put it in 1080p,you can see that the quality of the text gets really bad. I create the text with those black and white rectangles behind it in photoshop (1920x1080,transparent background,png format),i export it in after...
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    Anyone knows the name of the style used in this pic?

    i was wondering if anyone knows the style used in this pic
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    can't put white logos on shirts

    Hi I actually need help to put a white logo on a shirt. So basically what happens is,everytime i put the logo on the shirt,and change the mode (of the logo) in "multiply",it disappears instead of beign part of it. The thing is,with colored logos it doesn't give me that problem. Any solution...
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    hi,im a new member there (as if u didn't know lel). i make clothes graphics,logos and video editings. I registered in this forum as i find it really interesting for what i'm doing,and also because the community here seems really nice and helpful. I'm sure i'm gonna enjoy this forum. hope y'all...
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    I need someone who's good on making shapes and tribals

    so basically i would like to change those shapes u see in the circle and get something like that: here's the logo (it has transparent background) Sorry if u can't see it,it's just above. Once downloaded,dont use white backgrounds ,use a black or a transparent background to see it properly...