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    Carve or Hewn a Flat-like Surface

    Sorry its my first month on photoshop
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    Carve or Hewn a Flat-like Surface

    You may try Filter/Render/Fibers for your desired effect
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    What kind of effect is this? and how would I do so with a Picture of myself?

    Hue/Saturation is used in this image, different value on different colors.
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    Directional Blur on Text

    Wao excellent job dear, I learnt how to blur sharp from these replies.
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    Hi From Pakistan

    Hi dear friends, my name is Mudasir, I am from Pakistan, a new photoshop user, I am working in a software house, I designed buttons and icons for 2 action games in my first month of working, hope I will learn professional designing from all of you.