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    Specific RD Vector #2

    Hi, If possible can anyone turn this into a vector? Not on an angle, just straight. Thank You
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    Paid Badge Creating

    Hi All, I need a badge creating very similar to this in vector format. I dont want exactly the same but the same V shape style. is needed. If possible maybe turn the crown into a diamond or something. The height will b 16cm and width will be 16cm at their widest points. Thank You
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    Specific RD Vector

    Hi, Can anyone make this as a black and white solid vector, it dosent have to be exact but something very similar? Thank You
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    Specific Turn Into Vector

    Hi, Sorry I always seem to come here but you guys are good and very efficient! Can anyone turn this into a high class file? Vector quality. Please keep the same colours Thank You
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    Specific Vector

    Hi, Sorry to be a pain again...can anyone turn this into a high class vector? Thank You
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    Specific Vector?

    Hi, Can anyone please turn this into a high quality vector? Particularly the diamonds on the outside. They need to be high quality and also I want them with rounded edges but not too rounded like the current artwork. I also don't know if the image is full symmetrical and whether the...
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    Specific Vector?

    Hi, Can anyone please help me with this? I need the attached file turning into a vector format so I can blow it up big? Each word and the top logo The words are just barber in all different languages. Thank You
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    Specific Add spacing

    Hi, On the attached file is it possible to add a bit of spacing in between (dont break the joining trinagles). Just so that the print looks more spaced out? Thank You Dan
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    Specific High quality vector help

    Hi, I have the image attached and was wondering if someone could turn this into a high quality vector with a white background? As you can see the edges are not really that sharp, they look a bit rough and distorted. Thank You Dan
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    Vector file

    Hi, Can someone please copy this image and turn it into a high quality vector? Thank You
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    Specific Vector

    Hi, Can anyone turn this into a vector? I just want the outlines of the R and D, the middle can be empty? Thank You
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    Specific Blow this up part 2!

    Hi, Can anyone please blow this image up and unblur it? Thank You
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    Specific Blow this image up

    Hi, Can anyone please help me with the attached image? I need them blowing up into high files that dont blur!! Thank You
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    Turn this into a vector?

    Hi, Can anyone turn this bird into a solid shape? A vector? Thank You
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    Help with turning into vector.

    Hi, Can anyone turn this into a black and white vector? Where I can stretch it etc with no blur etc? I want it so its a high class, nice and sharp... please. Many Thanks
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    Gradient Dots

    Hi All, I am trying to create a print...I need the dots to be tight at the top and then spread out further and further down the document. Please see image. I have had the best go at it myself but it ends up looking like 3 blocks. If someone can make the dots look like a gradient that will...
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    Logo Help

    Hi All, So I finally came up with a logo. If anyone can please make this logo all nice and neat and smart that would be a great help.If you can make it a high class file that will be perfect. Feel free to alter it slightly as it is not perfect. Many Thanks!
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    Help with this logo badge please?

    Hi all, Can anyone please help me with this badge please? I need the badge to look exactly as it is but the lines must all be neat and tidy. I think one of the illustrator experts can do it... I have attached the logo separate. The Swade font is Perpetua. Thank You
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    Final Part of Logo

    Hi All, I am just finishing off the last part of my logo, well trying too. I am just stuck into making the whole logo fit. I have put what I need doing on the artwork if anyone could please help me. Thank You