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    Specific Remove Car

    Who can do the best job of removing the car from this photo? Thanks in advance!
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    Specific Need Portrait Fix

    Hi! I recently took this picture of my friend and I feel like there is a decent picture lurking somewhere here but the light is so overpowering on her face. There might not be much that can be done but then again I’ve seen some amazing work on this site. Can anyone make this portrait look...
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    Specific Ripped Paper

    Does anyone know how to achieve the ripped paper effect? I included my picture and a picture of what I'm talking about. Serious thanks go to anyone who can do this! All attempts welcome!
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    Specific Background Change

    I like this pic of me pretty good, but would like it a lot more if it had some kind of epic or just cool background. I don’t know, I’m leaving it to you creative minds to decide what would look good. I would like it to look professional, or as professional as possible. Beach scene? A field...
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    Specific Hair color fix

    Sorry if you’ve seen this picture here before when I posted a different issue I had with it. This one is simple. Here hair needs a bit of a color fix. Can you blend it at the place where it looks slightly gray on top and the side? Thank you in advance!
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    Specific Background change

    This lady simply wants the background color of this picture changed. I think some kind of neutral color will work best. Anyway, I’m curious who here can make it look best and compliment the picture best. All attempts welcome! Thank you!
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    Specific Hair fix

    I have a small request for you awesome photoshop wizards. Included are two pictures. This lady wants her hair filled in (where is is a little thin) at the top where it is circled, and at the bottom circle wants the hair cropped. I provided the original pic to be worked on. Thank you so much.
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    Specific Place a Face

    Hello! I am in desperate need of a little photoshop help since my skills have grown quite rusty! In the first picture I have attached is a blonde lady. In the second, large group picture you SHOULD see the same blonde lady, however, only part of her face is visible because you will notice she is...