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    Gig presentation

    @Kalyanati, I've been following this thread and you seem to be hung up on the pixel dimensions of your presentation. John Wheeler provided some good guidance. As John covered above, the specific answer to your question depends on how your presentation will be viewed by your audience. To me...
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    Specific Define Jawline realistically (of person on left.)

    I almost never use dodge or burn, which is probably limiting me in many situations. It never occurs to me to use those. My first impulse is to draw directly over an image while using blend modes—mostly Multiply or Soft Light—to preserve the underlying textures. The other technique I do a lot is...
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    Specific Define Jawline realistically (of person on left.)

    Thanks. I've been learning to draw the human figure for many years (both digitally and on paper) and one insight is that features are rarely defined by lines, which can look cartoonish. For a more realistic appearance, it's better to use changes in value—light and shadow. So to add a jawline...
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    Specific Define Jawline realistically (of person on left.)

    Here's my try. There is a strong light coming from the left, so any shadows on that side need to be subtle.
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    Using hair templates

    In that case, I'm not sure what the problem is. Open any Photoshop document. Open the hair JPG file. Click on Select All>Edit>Copy Go into the other Photoshop document and click Edit>Paste The hair should now be on its own layer with a transparent background. If this still won't work for you...
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    Using hair templates

    My mistake. A template is different from a normal layer or photo. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about templates, so we'll have to wait for somebody else to come along.
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    Using hair templates

    The checkered background is just a visual convention to represent "nothing". All you need to do is Copy/Paste (or drag) the hair image into any Photoshop file and it will be the hair only. The checkered background becomes invisible.
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    Specific Huge Glare/ Sun Streak

    @Argos, I like yours the best out of the three attempts so far. Good job on the two women farthest away from us—they were the most difficult.
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    Specific Huge Glare/ Sun Streak

    This is not very good, but probably better than the original. I found it very difficult—maybe some others will do better. If you don't like that I replaced the outdoor background, I can easily restore that.
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    under construction

    Can you describe what effect you were trying to achieve? From what I can see, it seems you were trying to change the photo from bright daylight to dusk. You've reduced the contrast and darkened all the bright areas. But you've also lightened some areas that were darker to begin with, such as...
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    Specific Add a person request

    I did the same. Also adding a second version with some blue sky.
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    Duplicating colours and luminosity

    Here are two photos identical in every way except for color and luminosity. But the difference is so extreme that it would be very hard (impossible for me) to get Photo #2 to match Photo #1. In this case, all I did was duplicate the layer and change the blend mode to Exclusion. That is only one...
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    Duplicating colours and luminosity

    If the two photos are extremely different because one of them has had twenty filters and effects applied to it, then it may be difficult/impossible to undo all that and get them to match. But if they are not so extremely different, then you may have success using the Color Sampler tool. The...
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    What font is this called. Struggling to find. Or similar

    I thought that the red part of your font might have been added separately, so I got rid of it and queried only the basic font on a website called WhatTheFont. The first match is a font called Willbelove Regular. Not exact, but very similar.
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    Need to understand layer mask with selection copy paste

    Hi, From this and other posts you’ve submitted, I think you need to mentally start over and reconceptualize how layer masks work. Here are some basic concepts. I hope this doesn’t get too long. Every layer of any kind can have a layer mask, with the exception of the bottom Background layer...
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    Specific Add 1 person to group photo

    Here's my try. The group photo is small and has a lot of noisy artifacts, so I couldn't do anything with the unsmiling girl.
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    Specific Window Treatment

    What do you think of something like this? I created an entirely new reflection... new sky and new bushes. I made a selection of the middle windows. Added a new sky and desaturated it, similar to the windows on the right. It seems like a cloudy day, so I made sure to have clouds. I grabbed some...
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    Specific Remove person in background

    I did one, as well. I darkened the background. Hopefully this is ok.
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    Specific Remove rust marks from decal

    I agree. Before I do any free requests I try to check the history to see if the OP has said "thank you" in the past.