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    Uneven fading over old photo

    I am trying to restore this photo. I think it is over 90 years old, so, not surprisingly, age has taken its toll and the photo is quite faded. I thought that I could still see details, and therefore I could bring this back to life, but I think I'm hitting the limit of my limited skills. The...
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    Remove Gray Speckles from Old Photo

    I am trying to restore this photo for myself and other family members. It looks like it has a speckled fog, or gray water marks over much of the photo. Look at the bottom third of the photo to see what I mean. Other than using the healing tool on each spot, is there a photoshop trick to...
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    Restoring clothing in old photo

    I am a novice at restoring photos, but I've tried with my limited skills to bring some old family photos back to life. This is the scan that I was given by a distant cousin of an old photo. This is what I've been able to make of it. I don't know what to do next. The man's suit looks...