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  1. Shadowwolf77

    Troll Editing!

    I think this sounds like a great idea. Assuming forum members act with digression so as not to post offensive or sensitive content, this should be a great way to inspire humor and creativity. Like Argos said, an admin could specify the possibility of a troll edit on a request within the rules...
  2. Shadowwolf77

    Logo Design Tips

    Thank you so much for your help!
  3. Shadowwolf77

    Logo Design Tips

    Those are really cool, btw I am using Bungee Regular as my font. I really like the idea of using a film camera/reel in the background. I might have a play around with that. Any ideas regarding a good profile picture for Youtube? Also can I ask where you got the graphics from so I can check them out.
  4. Shadowwolf77

    Logo Design Tips

    Can anyone give some helpful tips/mockups for my Youtube channel design? I make short comedy films and am hoping for a retro/cartoonish/bright design scheme. Just any tips on creating a good pfp and channel art would be appreciated. Current profile pic designs (above) Current channel art
  5. Shadowwolf77

    Specific finger on pictures

    Here you go.
  6. Shadowwolf77

    Specific Background cleanup

    Touched up a bit on Babines edit. Removed rest of water bottle and person on left side.
  7. Shadowwolf77

    Specific logo design assistance

    Hi shroomcycle, Thank you for your request! I've made some rough designs I hope you like. I've tweaked some things like the circle in the center of the spores which was initially not fully centered and some other things. Here's one following your initial idea where the text blends with the...
  8. Shadowwolf77

    Specific Head swap

    Here you go!
  9. Shadowwolf77

    Humor Please make me and my friend ride this newt like GoT

    Here you go man, 3 different variants of backgrounds and two bonus pictures. Enjoy and contact me if you want anything else photo shopped! (P.S, this was a lot of fun to make, good idea!)
  10. Shadowwolf77

    Specific Skyline battle

    Its a bit rushed but here you go!