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    Specific Charity Request - Motorbike Deisgn

    Hi Folks, Wonder if someone would be able to help me, I run a charity organisation that raises money for Charity with a motorbike ride, we sell merchandise, such as t-shirts and are trying to create a design for this year. my thought process/what id like is: Motorbike(maybe front) such as...
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    Help Producing Flyer/poster for charitable event

    Hi All, Hoping someone can help me out of a bit of a problem. I organise a free Emergency Services event each year, but need a new poster/flyer that we can use to promote the event. I have done some work using photoshop/illustrator but the results are not good at all. As this is a...
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    adding a background image to another shape

    Hi Folks, I am trying to add a background image to a jigsaw puzzle piece, Been using the magic selection tool and 'paste into' but i cant seem to get straight lines, Ideally i wanted to keep the 3d style of the image, with the new multicolour background, is it easier to create a 'flat' version...
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    Adding picture to steam from a train

    hi all, Need some advice if possible, i have a photograph of a steam train, which i am editing for my grandfather, and i wanted to add a few smaller pictures in the 'steam' from the train? Ideally i was hoping to put 3 or 4 pictures in 'clouds of steam' if that would work? open to ideas...
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    New Logo needed

    Hi All, I am asking for some advice and guidance on a new project i am working on, and as you are always willing to help, i though i would use your services again! A New town team is being set up in my town (Caldicot) and we need to produce logos, and designs for lamp post banners etc. The...
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    Looking for inspiration

    Hi all, I am looking for some inspiration and hoping you can help? I have set up a residents association for my part of town, and i need a logo, the obvious thing would be to use some landmark or similar for the backdrop and then incorparating the text somehow, however in this part of town...
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    Editing two pictures

    Hi all. Hoping someone can help me. I have two pictures that i want to stitch together, but the results are shocking, and have to look to your skilled fingers for advice. Basically i want to keep the picture of the hands, but instead of holding up the world, i want it to hold up my school...
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    A quick task

    Hi Folks, Could someone spare me a few minutes? wonder is you could remove the Your Message Here section of the image whilst leaving the background, i have tried a few times, but cant get it right, i always seem to leave a shadow. Really appreciate it if you could. Thanks
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    Help with a photo

    Hi Folks, Need a little bit of help with a photograph i have taken, I am planning on having it printed it up into a canvas, but wonder if can be sharpened up a little bit first, ie, the bit of blur on the fairy lights if possible? Would appreciate it if you are able to help out for me. Cheers
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    Making a presentation - making a mess of it!

    Hiya All, I have been doing a fair bit of work on photoshop recently, and need to create a presentation that it going to be played in a loop at the meeting. I had originally started creating it in microsoft power point, however quickly realised that i needed the help of photoshop for what i...
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    Snow Animation

    He folks, I am in the process of making a presentation for my school, basically i am advertising our sponsors logos, and as its Christmas i want to add falling snow to the page, to snow over the logos but not to block or cover them. Is this possible? I am very amateur when it comes to flash...
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    Adding a hyperlink to an image

    Hey folks, I am looking to add a new background image to my website, however the owner of the picture wants the credit for it, and a link to his gallery, how would i do this so that on the website you could click on the link and it actually take you to the new site? Anyone done this? Thanks
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    A template possibly?

    Hey all, A quickie, i hope! I have a load of photos of dogs that have been groomed, before and after shots, ideally i want a template so that i can just insert the pictures into it, one before/one after i have drawn a very crude photo of what i would need, any ideas how i could produce or is...
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    Problem with CSS Amateur warning!

    Hey all, Looking for a bit of help, one user on here has been great, but i dont want to keep pestering him with what is probably trivial issues, Basically, i have my website up and running, however i seem to have made a right mess of a css rule, On the Heading...
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    Fast help

    Hiya all, I am sure the answer is right in front of my nose, but i am really struggling. I am trying to add a page peel (page curl) to my homepage, however i cannot get it right. I managed to input my first one correctly, then realised that the link was wrong, so now i want to remove it...
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    Creating a page peel

    Good evening all, I am creating a page peel for my website (well trying anyway) and am really not getting on with the pen tool to create the 'roll effect' has anyone done this, i have looked at a few videos on youtube, but i think i seem to be getting in a right mess with it, It is only a...
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    quick photo merge

    hi all, just a quick one, i am trying to merge the two images into one smooth one here in photoshop, but cant seem to do it, anyone able to tell me or show me? Thanks
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    A (sort of) blank canvas

    Hiya all, Want to pick your creative brains if i may? I have a website (dog grooming) but it is looking a bit sad and boring, I have my logo, and a font which has dog prints. I am looking for some insparation for a background photo, something that will cover the entire webpage, I have...
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    problem in CS6

    Hey all, Wonder if someone can shed some light on a problem i have. Ive designed a navigation bar, however when i try to 'save for web' it tells me that an unknown error has occured, and cannot be saved. Is there anyone who has had similar problems, really don't want to have to redo the...
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    A small favour

    Hi all, I need a sm,all favour please if possible, i am trying to use this photointo this one, I am trying to get the house to sit in the shadow of the light, (like it is illuminated) but am getting into a right mess. Really appreciate if anyone can help me, today if possible, and advise me...