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  1. jkemp

    Logos I made

    Put yourself in the client shoes.... The way I understand it, he has received hundreds of propositions... Of course he's gonna turn most of them down... Don't feel upset about the rejection. You did a great job (really), and even if the client's not using it, you've got one more logo for your...
  2. jkemp

    Logos I made

    Good looking for you doesn't mean it's good looking for them. Moreover, it's usually not their primary concern. I (mainly) work in the advertising business... High end creative retouching / compositing. You wouldn't believe how many times the whole creative team (me, the photographer, the...
  3. jkemp

    Logos I made

    Looks rather good to me... From a pure "design" standpoint, I'd say the font you used make the "&" a bit hard to read/understand. But that's not a big deal... The logos are good and professional lookin'. That being said, it doesn't mean it meets your clients needs. Logos are incredibly...
  4. jkemp

    New work station

    Woah. I'm impressed. That's a lot of phone cases images at the end of the year. :laugh: Ok... so it feels like images aren't that big, but not really small either... With lots of smart object replacement, it feels to me the bottleneck would probably be disk access.... Get a real fast...
  5. jkemp

    Hi, I'm Anne

    Hi. Welcome ! :D
  6. jkemp

    New work station

    Quite unusual. It's hard to say without more details. - How big are the images - What kind of operations are executed ? Also... out of curiosity... what kind of business deals with 100 000 images a day ? :D
  7. jkemp

    Retouch Practicing Car Retouching // Thoughts?

    You did a pretty good job. Everything I write below should start by "IMHO" ... A : The rainbow effect feels weird. B : An empty plate feels just as weird as what was there before... You should remove the whole plate.. C : I'd like to get at least a little bit of sky reflection in the...
  8. jkemp

    Pool Water Texture

    Well... good luck then. :unsure:
  9. jkemp

    Post Processing Looking for advice.

    Yeah, I think in your case, you'll have to guess... I suppose there would be a way to determine height mathematically, given you have both the focal length of the lens used, and the focus distance in the metadata... but I'd not venture into this and just go the "guessing game" way.
  10. jkemp

    Post Processing Looking for advice.

    Ok I get it. It's easy to get lost with this kind of stuff... One way I like to deal with this is by building myself a reference shot by duplicating the same subject at various distances. Since it's the same subject, you take away the differences between subjects, and concentrate only on the...
  11. jkemp

    Post Processing Looking for advice.

    Not sure I get what you are asking about... maybe post some pictures to illustrate the problem ?
  12. jkemp

    Correct Workflow for photo enlargement?

    Hey there... here's a few pointers... - No need to delete the cropped pixels. When cropping, uncheck the "Delete cropped pixels" checkbox. Unwanted pixels gets hidden, but are still there if for some reasons you want another ratio someday. - You wanna change image size. Changing the canvas...
  13. jkemp

    Newbie here!

    Welcome. Have fun. :)
  14. jkemp

    Pool Water Texture

    I might get slapped on the hands for suggesting this but... try an image search on Yandex : Keep in mind those are not really "royalty-free" stock photos... Might be subject to copyright laws and all... but... I...
  15. jkemp

    Pool Water Texture

    Not sure you're aiming at the right technique... I mean... Photoshop isn't magic... building it from scratch seems like the wrong way to get that realistic feel. How about using stockshots ? Shooting a pool yourself... heck, even a good 3D app with "caustics" would do a better job then a...
  16. jkemp

    A rather impolite thing I've noticed on this forum.

    Depends on the query I guess... In this case, "how+to+do+Sample+Task+in+photoshop" is sure meant to be rude... Somehow it feels like good old "RTFM". Then, if the query was more like "photoshop+tutorial+frequency+separation", it be a pretty good start... I mean, when helping people, I often...
  17. jkemp

    Exporting for Instagram Problem

    I think IG will always try and "optimise" your images... And this being an automated process, they pretty much just make it so the filesize goes low as possible, without much regard to what happens... That said, IG wants 1080px images. You'd help yourself uploading the right image...
  18. jkemp

    Resizing TIFF to JPG

    2048 x 2048 images will always be the same, no matter what you set the DPI to. The print size will change though. What are you trying to do with those images ?
  19. jkemp

    Specific Removal of crowd/bystanders

    That's a awful lot of work you're asking for. Removing the crowd means re-creating what's underneath it.... Floor, trees, buildings, etc.
  20. jkemp

    Ring Mask Rotation

    Dude, don't get mad. :D I'm really just curious... I did get that you knew it could be done in AE... and it felt like you actually had access to AE... so... you have the right software, with the right knowledge... but you're looking for some other way to do it. I was curious about what's...